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Contemporary decorative mirrors - Wine wall decor - Island decorating ideas

Contemporary Decorative Mirrors

contemporary decorative mirrors

  • Living or occurring at the same time

  • Dating from the same time

  • characteristic of the present; "contemporary trends in design"; "the role of computers in modern-day medicine"

  • belonging to the present time; "contemporary leaders"

  • Belonging to or occurring in the present

  • a person of nearly the same age as another

  • cosmetic: serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose; "cosmetic fenders on cars"; "the buildings were utilitarian rather than decorative"

  • (decorativeness) an appearance that serves to decorate and make something more attractive

  • Serving to make something look more attractive; ornamental

  • Relating to decoration

  • (decoratively) in a decorative manner; "used decoratively at Christmas"

  • (mirror) reflect as if in a mirror; "The smallest pond at night mirrors the firmament above"

  • (mirror) polished surface that forms images by reflecting light

  • Keep a copy of some or all of the contents of (a network site) at another site, typically in order to improve accessibility

  • (mirror) a faithful depiction or reflection; "the best mirror is an old friend"

  • Correspond to

  • (of a reflective surface) Show a reflection of

Hotel hall mirror

Hotel hall mirror

The framed mirror in this hotel hallway allows business people to check their look one last time before leaving for the day

Mirror by SGO Designer Glass Wisconsin

Mirror by SGO Designer Glass Wisconsin

Contemporary mirror used as an accent piece in an entrance. Mirror by SGO Designer Glass Wisconsin

contemporary decorative mirrors

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