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Adjusting bike gears. Mini pocket rockets bikes. Swiss army bike

Adjusting Bike Gears

adjusting bike gears

    bike gears
  • A bicycle gear, or gear ratio, or speed refers to the rate at which the rider's legs turn compared to the rate at which the wheels turn. Bicycle gearing refers to how the gear ratio is set or changed. On some bicycles, there is only one gear so the ratio is fixed.

  • Alter or move (something) slightly in order to achieve the desired fit, appearance, or result

  • (adjust) adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions; "We must adjust to the bad economic situation"

  • Permit small alterations or movements so as to allow a desired fit, appearance, or result to be achieved

  • (adjust) alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard; "Adjust the clock, please"; "correct the alignment of the front wheels"

  • (adjust) align: place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight; "align the car with the curb"; "align the sheets of paper on the table"

  • Adapt or become used to a new situation

adjusting bike gears - Wallmonkeys Peel

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Adjusting Bicycle Gears with Pliers and Key - 24"W x 16"H Removable Graphic

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Adjusting Bicycle Gears with Pliers and Key - 24

WallMonkeys wall graphics are printed on the highest quality re-positionable, self-adhesive fabric paper. Each order is printed in-house and on-demand. WallMonkeys uses premium materials & state-of-the-art production technologies. Our white fabric material is superior to vinyl decals. You can literally see and feel the difference. Our wall graphics apply in minutes and won't damage your paint or leave any mess. PLEASE double check the size of the image you are ordering prior to clicking the 'ADD TO CART' button. Our graphics are offered in a variety of sizes and prices.
WallMonkeys are intended for indoor use only.
Printed on-demand in the United States Your order will ship within 3 business days, often sooner. Some orders require the full 3 days to allow dark colors and inks to fully dry prior to shipping. Quality is worth waiting an extra day for!
Removable and will not leave a mark on your walls.
'Fotolia' trademark will be removed when printed.
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My Bike In Bits

My Bike In Bits

This is what my bike looked like when it arrived in it's giant cardboard box.

As you see lots of bits needed to be fitted to it, cables etc and adjusted so it was a minor miracle that it actually worked at the end of it. I spent a day dismantling the gear shifter to work out where the cable went into it before discovering it didn't need to be dismantled at all and is was in fact very hard to put back together again. This took 2 days.

Bike Maintenance Wednesday

Bike Maintenance Wednesday

Mr. Mark "Hap" Harlow, adjusts the derailleur for better gear shifting during the Bike to Work week exposition at Kelly Barracks on 18 May.

adjusting bike gears

adjusting bike gears

Over-The-Calf Ultra-Light Merino Wool Sock Lava LG by Darn Tough

228904LAV__LG Features: Tug them up over the calf and keep your leg and foot swathed in naturally moisture-wicking Merino wool that draws perspiration away from your skin for sweat-free comfort Expect nothing but a snug fit from the terry rib knit design with elastic arch support and ribbing at the ankle that keeps the sock from shifting or bunching Don't worry about wearing these ones out too quickly to the reinforced heel and toe can handle your shuffling around the house sans shoes Run these through the wash, the wool is shrink-treated for easy care Specifications: Fabric: 62% Merino wool to 34% nylon to 4% Lycra Spandex

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Best Bicycle Mirrors

best bicycle mirrors

  • a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • In graph theory, a pseudoforest is an undirected graphThe kind of undirected graph considered here is often called a multigraph or pseudograph, to distinguish it from a simple graph. in which every connected component has at most one cycle.

  • A vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel

  • ride a bicycle

  • (of a reflective surface) Show a reflection of

  • (mirror) a faithful depiction or reflection; "the best mirror is an old friend"

  • Correspond to

  • (mirror) polished surface that forms images by reflecting light

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  • Keep a copy of some or all of the contents of (a network site) at another site, typically in order to improve accessibility



Poles, Dome and Man on Bicycle in Fog - Tianjin Olympic Center.

I tried to post this photo on my blog but couldn't. It’s China again, those little rrrrascals. At least for now Flickr isn't blocked. But in this brave new and very fluid China, it could be in the process of being blocked as I write. You just never know what will come next, or, more accurately, what will be rendered ‘inaccessible’ next. The closer we move towards August, which, by default, we are inextricably doing, the more things seem to disappear as somebody keeps adjusting all the mirrors.

There not much to say about this one: a guy on a bike, a Line of Poles, a slivered edge of muted sun grazing the latest version of Dome. This could be coastal foggy Bottom anywhere – perhaps the Carolinas, perhaps China – a place where people of Real Property in closed-door sessions boldly indulged unnamed brethren by inviting one of the Domes to town, resulting in the quid pro quo shuffle – legerdemain in broad daylight, (except when Fog rolls in, and things change hands as if they’re inside a large bowl of milk) – money in a bank somewhere, dull child to good college, surgical plastics for whomever might need them.

But despite, resistance – environmental impact statements, weekend fishermen’s cadre protests, even a few mosquito advocates bemoaning the loss of primal seething habitat – Dome always comes and parks on the edge of town, settles in for the long haul, smiles like it’s a good friend.“Hi, I’m Dome. I’m here to make your life a lot better.”

The man on the bike is as unknown to me as I am to him. In another life, perhaps we were brothers. According to Tibetans, this pedaling man and I were both, in other lives, each others’ very own mother, which, despite the inclusion of this net of good wisdom in the Tibetan cosmic order – which one would hope might foster strong, healthy relationships and sensibly civilized human interactions – it doesn’t seem to stop Tibetans from periodically wailing the hell out of each other, which I take as a physical admission that some mothers were a lot better at it than others.

All the best and most sensible information one can muster oftentimes has no influence at all on the visiting and subsequent outcome of random events, from who is whose mother to where Domes finally settle down. Or who is riding a bicycle past my camera. At this moment here it’s a man on a bike, a white clothe sack balanced across the handlebars and basket, and a child in a seat centered directly behind him and over the back wheel. You can’t see the child. I can’t see the child either, but I’ve seen the next photo and there’s a child wrapped in thick pants and heavy winter coat w/hood. Boy or girl, too small and bundled up to really tell. There always seem to be a child you can’t quite see when you’re in the vicinity of Dome and all of its Fog.

And the ubiquitous and upstanding Line of Poles? Well, they just watch. But they’re not telling what it is they’re seeing. Sneaky like that, they are.

-- December 1, 2007.

©Jim Gourley, 2007

IMG 8298.jpg

IMG 8298.jpg

The 'Sideways Bike' was invented by Irishman Michael Killian (photo) and is primarily meant for children - as it is best enjoyed when swinging. In the other image, Michael is seen promoting his extraordinary vehicle. In the Netherlands, bicycle riders are obliged to stick out a hand before making a turn. Since that would be quite inappropriate with his bike, Michael came up with red tubes and finger signals.

best bicycle mirrors

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Bike Chain Gears. Recumbent Stationary Bike Reviews

Bike Chain Gears

bike chain gears

    bike chain
  • A bicycle chain is a roller chain that transfers power from the pedals to the drive-wheel of a bicycle, thus propelling it. Most bicycle chains are made from plain carbon or alloy steel, but some are chrome-plated or stainless steel to prevent rust, or simply for aesthetics.

  • A particular function or state of adjustment of engaged gears

  • (gear) set the level or character of; "She pitched her speech to the teenagers in the audience"

  • (gear) a toothed wheel that engages another toothed mechanism in order to change the speed or direction of transmitted motion

  • One of a set of toothed wheels that work together to alter the relation between the speed of a driving mechanism (such as the engine of a vehicle or the crank of a bicycle) and the speed of the driven parts (the wheels)

  • Equipment that is used for a particular purpose

  • (gear) a mechanism for transmitting motion for some specific purpose (as the steering gear of a vehicle)

Mobic Portable Folding Bike Chain Gear and Aluminum Crank

Mobic Portable Folding Bike Chain Gear and Aluminum Crank

Mobic portable folding bikes are designed with light weight aluminum cranks and forged chain gears that come with chain guards. For more info visit Mobic Bikes.



My bike!

Nikon FM2
Sigma 24mm EX DG Aspherical Macro
Kodak Ultramax 400

Post in Aperture

bike chain gears

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Electric Bike Motor : Felt City Bike

Electric Bike Motor

electric bike motor

    electric bike
  • a bicycle which is powered both by human pedalling and/or a battery, any electric bike you wish to insure must not be subject to the requirements of the Road Traffic Act.

  • An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike, is a bicycle with an electric motor used to power the vehicle.

  • centrifugal: conveying information to the muscles from the CNS; "motor nerves"

  • machine that converts other forms of energy into mechanical energy and so imparts motion

  • drive: travel or be transported in a vehicle; "We drove to the university every morning"; "They motored to London for the theater"

  • A machine, esp. one powered by electricity or internal combustion, that supplies motive power for a vehicle or for some other device with moving parts

  • A source of power, energy, or motive force

Cartoonified Electric Bike BLDC Hub Motor

Cartoonified Electric Bike BLDC Hub Motor

Cartoonised version of a view of a bicycle Brushless DC electric motor. This scene of machinery overlaying nature is rather nice as a cartoon. Flaws though, are the brake disc blending strangely into the grass in the bottom left and the reflector in the spokes, being no longer identifiable. The reflector would be better left out but its hard to imagine an algorithm that would do that.

Ugly bike

Ugly bike

The other electric bike on display. I don't much like the look of it, and that custom boxy frame precludes using any standard bike accessories. I suspect there will be rapid evolution in this market for quite a few years to come.

electric bike motor

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Downhill Mountain Biking Wallpaper. Cinelli Track Bikes.

Downhill Mountain Biking Wallpaper

downhill mountain biking wallpaper

    mountain biking
  • Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.

  • A designated, red, natural surfaced, single track trail that offers a range of riding opportunities.

  • is the sport of riding bicycles in a more extreme way, although not necessarily off paved roads—trials and street riding are examples of types of mountain biking based more around urban areas. It requires endurance, bike handling skills and self-reliance.

  • An optional background pattern or picture on a computer screen

  • a decorative paper for the walls of rooms

  • cover with wallpaper

  • Wallpaper is a kind of material used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, and other buildings; it is one aspect of interior decoration. It is usually sold in rolls and are put onto a wall using wallpaper paste.

  • Paper that is pasted in vertical strips over the walls of a room to provide a decorative or textured surface

  • Without difficulty or challenge

  • declivitous: sloping down rather steeply

  • the downward slope of a hill

  • Leading to a steadily worsening situation

  • Leading down toward the bottom of a slope

  • toward a lower or inferior state; "your performance has been going downhill for a long time now"

downhill mountain biking wallpaper - Wallmonkeys Peel

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Downhill Mountain Biking - 18"H x 12"W Removable Graphic

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Downhill Mountain Biking - 18

WallMonkeys wall graphics are printed on the highest quality re-positionable, self-adhesive fabric paper. Each order is printed in-house and on-demand. WallMonkeys uses premium materials & state-of-the-art production technologies. Our white fabric material is superior to vinyl decals. You can literally see and feel the difference. Our wall graphics apply in minutes and won't damage your paint or leave any mess. PLEASE double check the size of the image you are ordering prior to clicking the 'ADD TO CART' button. Our graphics are offered in a variety of sizes and prices.
WallMonkeys are intended for indoor use only.
Printed on-demand in the United States Your order will ship within 3 business days, often sooner. Some orders require the full 3 days to allow dark colors and inks to fully dry prior to shipping. Quality is worth waiting an extra day for!
Removable and will not leave a mark on your walls.
'Fotolia' trademark will be removed when printed.
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Downhills, Tottenham, where John Lawford, my great-grandfather lived from 1837 to 1853. Photo taken in c.1865 from the front facing the elm avenue.



Downhill biker, driving down a track on the mountain Arnanipa - one of the most popular downhill venues in Bergen.

downhill mountain biking wallpaper

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Gas Mini Bike Parts

gas mini bike parts

    mini bike
  • (Mini bikes) Very small bikes designed to be simple and fun for children. Generally they have no clutch or shifting to simplify operation. Also known as Mini Motos. Not street-legal in most countries and jurisdictions. May be used for racing by all age levels.

  • [British] a small-wheel bicycle; [American] a small moped; [Japanese] a moped.

  • A minibike, sometimes called a mini moto or pocketbike, is a miniature motorcycle. Most traditional minibikes use a two stroke engine to turn the rear wheel via a chain.

  • Divide to leave a central space

  • (of two things) Move away from each other

  • the local environment; "he hasn't been seen around these parts in years"

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  • (of a storage battery or dry cell) Give off gas

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  • the state of matter distinguished from the solid and liquid states by: relatively low density and viscosity; relatively great expansion and contraction with changes in pressure and temperature; the ability to diffuse readily; and the spontaneous tendency to become distributed uniformly

Tunnel Bike

Tunnel Bike

Fun with Power Miners!

gas mini bike parts

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How to paint a bike chain. Custom bicycle cruisers. Bmx bike cost

How To Paint A Bike Chain

how to paint a bike chain

    bike chain
  • A bicycle chain is a roller chain that transfers power from the pedals to the drive-wheel of a bicycle, thus propelling it. Most bicycle chains are made from plain carbon or alloy steel, but some are chrome-plated or stainless steel to prevent rust, or simply for aesthetics.

    how to
  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

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Private railways: part of the future?

Private railways: part of the future?

Taunusbahn, old and new train, Betzdorf 01.08..2009

I wrote critical words about private railways. I used a scene picture of an arriving oldie from the Taunusbahn. Indeed the one right on the picture. The sample of this is not the way to go private

Taunusbahn has learned her leasons; to write it up in project terms. And orderd new trainsets. The one left. This kind of trains are a good investment to service a comfortable train on rural and local tracks. This is the way to do it.

Honestly Taunusbahn has more lessons to learn. I saw first the other front. It was totally filled with grafitti.Good grafitti work. So I wondered for some seconds if it was design. No it was it, as it was also painted over windows and had some paint mistakes. Clean it up then?

Of course cleaning up but that cost money. So I think Taunusbahn in general try to manage the job on a very rural track here. I dont know what they have paid in the tender to achieve this consession. It does not give the rights to cut cost on maintenance (Such as the grafitti) or try to invest in old iron.

I have confidence they can do much better as showed here on a saturday in august but dont feel the need to controle it. For all who thinks I blame the Taunusbahn, let me say this. It is not there fault that railways get libralized again, just as in the 19th century. They are chained by the consessions as set up by government. The direction in that is to prove railways can be served better and cheaper. A what cost is the question? Taunusbahn took the opportunty but this shows it is a hard deal to do it. I am sure they will give theire best, The sample is of course the new ordered trainset right.

I have my doubts on the long terms for many private tracks. I dont gonna say DB has to do it again, as these can do much better in there role to connect regional, national and international. The small local tracks can be a smart part in the complex network of railways. at the end it can only function if the complete network is cooperating including with bus, cars and bicycle. On that aspect this: The time table here seems to add at these of the Regional Bahn. There is also a good bus station at Betzdorff.

Now the critics. DB has opportunities to take a bicycle in the train. Good for tourist. Here in this area, the local government invest heavily in bicycle routes. However Taunusbahn can transport the bike but does not have special place for it. That is not a problem now, as the bike paths are not ready everywhere in the region. So it can come.

Worse is however a figure what I have seen every where in Germany. The possibily to drop the car at a station and take the train in the commuting traffic. There are simply not many parking places. Weird? no ! On the TV I saw berlin policeman working on zero tolerance even not allowing a car to stop for half a minute to give an 80 year old with a rollator the chance to walk in to the station. That is not good.

So look good around, not many German stations has many parking places. Very weird if you know that many big cities dont accept all cars but only clean ones. Good for the environment. In that case: How to connect car with train? In this specifc case: the city of Koln is at commuting distance (!h 20 minutes) and apart from the green car policy, Koln centrum is of course not the easiest place to park a car.

This brief story makes clear that things work out but lot has to be done. I dont think such responsiblity can be taken by companies only do a small part, named local train traffic. The concession model with only business models will block developments in connecting other systems (business units), simply because it is out of scope and therefore out of budget.

Local, national and european governments can tend not to spend a dime on it, cause the business units has to deal in there scope only. This function if every part has to do the same job.It disfunctions if change is required. Needed is a modern network of public transports, from the smallest villages to the biggest cities, connetcting international. I dont think the role of the car will be over, but the "free mobility" concept of the 20th century, as motor for people to use the car, has reached its limits and there is simply more transport needed.

The social question of the 21th century is environment, requiring not thinking in fragments but in complete and complex transport issues; where the train has to be a main tool to transport to cities and international. The good side for busiiness. It guarantuees trains, also local, htat means business. It makes new business. How about for example building par

sky day 143

sky day 143

this is a sunset from on top of a set of monkeybars, an elementary school playground near my house that i spent hundreds of nights at, spent hundreds of kisses at, several hundred conversations and fireworks and photos and walks and strangeness
it's not my place anymore, it's been renovated and belongs to the kids that are here now, graffiti on the slide of bad words and anarchy clip art symbols that kids see inside pop punk cd cases, nofx and anti-flag
i felt creepy, being there
i'm 20, which isn't old but old enough to feel awkward around little kids i don't know with a camera, with a camera on a playground
surrounded by little kids playing and shouting at each other
i left immediately and watched the sunset from my bike the whole way home, nearly crashing into a tacky mailbox with deer faintly painted on the side

the library is my second home these days
i'm observing all the workers and learning their names and watching the way people operate inside
my favorites are the workers, and then the gothic teenagers in black parachute pants with chains and dark lipstick and eyeliner that hang out on the curb outside with nowhere to go
waiting for their mom to pick them up after highschool
soon they will discover marijuana and sex if they haven't already, they probably have already, and probably music beyond system of a down and saosin
they look at me awkwardly and scoff at my bike. today i waved and said hi, how's it going?
one of the boys said, nothin, how are you doing PeeWee Herman? and crack up. i crack up with them, what a silly thing for a highschool kid to call anyone. i stand there with my water bottle and blue cardigan and neat backpack full of books and cds, a movie or two zipped up in the front pocket. media media media, word sounds sights, i spend an hour there almost everyday, a half hour getting there every day. it's my favorite place here.

"the more you know who you are and what you want, the less you let things upset you"

how to paint a bike chain

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Hitch 2 Bike Rack

hitch 2 bike rack

    bike rack
  • The stand that holds bicycles in place in the transition area so a competitor can quickly get on his / her bike.

  • Move (something) into a different position with a jerk

  • to hook or entangle; "One foot caught in the stirrup"

  • Obtain (a ride) by hitchhiking

  • enlistment: a period of time spent in military service

  • arrest: the state of inactivity following an interruption; "the negotiations were in arrest"; "held them in check"; "during the halt he got some lunch"; "the momentary stay enabled him to escape the blow"; "he spent the entire stop in his seat"

  • Travel by hitchhiking

  • .2 Network (pronounced Dot-Two Network) is the name of an upcoming television network designed for digital television subchannels (hence the ".2") owned by Guardian Enterprise Group that will replace the GTN network on a date yet to be announced.

  • two: being one more than one; "he received two messages"

  • two: the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number

Thule towball bike rack (2)

Thule towball bike rack (2)

Puchased from (?129.95 including free delivery)

2008 Nissan Sentra

2008 Nissan Sentra

Stock, except for the trailer hitch I added to use a bike rack.

hitch 2 bike rack

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Leader Bike - Mountain Full Suspension Bike - Healthrider Recumbent Exercise Bike.

Leader Bike

leader bike

  • a person who rules or guides or inspires others

  • The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country

  • drawing card: a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers

  • (leadership) the activity of leading; "his leadership inspired the team"

  • A person followed by others

  • An organization or company that is the most advanced or successful in a particular area

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

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leader bike - Walky Dog

Walky Dog Hands Free Bicycle Leash with BONUS Bicycle Head light and 5 LED back Light set

Walky Dog Hands Free Bicycle Leash with BONUS Bicycle Head light and 5 LED back Light set

Safe - Stable - Fun! The WalkyDog dog bike leash lets you safely take your dog with you on bike rides. Now you can bring your best buddy along for the ride and maintain complete control; no more feeling guilty for leaving them at home. A bicycle dog leash is a great way to exercise your dog and release energy - especially for active dogs. The WalkyDog installs in just minutes and is incredibly easy to use. Its patented design includes an internal shock-absorbing system and quick lock and release capability for easy switching between bikes.

Now you can have your dog share in the fun of a bike ride! Great exercise for you and your dog. The WalkyDog lets you relax and enjoy the company of friends and family while taking your dog along on bike rides. No need to leave your dog at the house or fumble with a lead. The Walkydog, "the third hand on your bike", handles your dog for you. It puts you back in charge, your dog will very soon realize this and restrain itself, even when passing a cat, squirrel or other distraction. The Walky Dog can be used with a collar or harness. We think the harness would be safer for your dog as it eliminates any choking hazard but it would increase the leverage your dog has with your bike. So you'll have to be the judge on whether to use a harness or a collar. The WalkyDog can be used for breeds that are a little closer to the ground. The WalkyDog "lead" can be extended to a maximum of 14". If you find that the combination of the height of your bike and the 14" lead isn't enough, you can attach the WalkyDog lead to another lead for additional length or, you can pretty easily replace the cord used in the WalkyDog lead with a cord of a custom length. You can purchase cord of this type at many hardware stores.

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725 LEADER BIKE 2011

725 LEADER BIKE 2011

Cadre Leader bike 725 2011 taille 55
Fourche Leader bike Noir
Roue Miche pistard WR FULL BLACK
Cintre Cinelli Noir
Potence Cinelli ANT
Tige de selle Miche SUPERTYPE Noir
Pedalier SUGINO RD 2 Messenger Black
Pignon 17 T Victoire Cycle
Pedale SALT
Strap TITAN Sofus Francisco



my Leader bike in my old backyard. notice the fatty tire up front and the skinny in the rear.

leader bike

leader bike

Leader Of The Pack Motorcycle Figurine by The Bradford Exchange

First-of-a-Kind Collectible Motorcycle Figurine Rides with the Leader of the Pack! Artist Vivi Crandall Wolf Art! - Are you ready to run with the leader of the pack? The golden eyes of the guiding wolf blaze a path through the night with this collectible motorcycle figurine, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Featuring the riveting wolf imagery of artist Vivi Crandall, this first-of-a-kind motorcycle figurine captures the freedom of a wild ride.A dramatic stone-like structure supports a lustrous hand-cast American chopper in three full dimensions. The chopper is shadowed by a looming 2-D image of a noble wolf, as imagined by artist Vivi Crandall. This richly detailed motorcycle figurine is hand-painted for authenticity, and features additional wolf imagery on the gas tank. Limited to 295 casting days, so don't miss your opportunity to ride with the pack. Order now!
Unique stone-like base is handcrafted in fine artist's resin, hand-painted for a lifelike presentation of stone, wood and grass detailing around the motorcycle figurine
The title "LEADER OF THE PACK" is in black across the bottom of the base
Premiere issue in the Born to be Free Motorcycle Figurine Collection
Edition limited to 295 casting days, so order yours now
Hand-numbered with matching Certificate of Authenticity
Measures 8" H; 20.3 cm H

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Mini Pockets Bikes

mini pockets bikes

  • Put into one's pocket

  • (pocket) a small pouch inside a garment for carrying small articles

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  • (pocket) put in one's pocket; "He pocketed the change"

  • (bike) bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • (bike) motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • (bike) bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • Denoting a miniature version of something

  • miniskirt: a very short skirt

  • used of women's clothing; very short with hemline above the knee; "a mini dress"; "miniskirts"

  • (minus) subtraction: an arithmetic operation in which the difference between two numbers is calculated; "the subtraction of three from four leaves one"; "four minus three equals one"

mini pockets bikes - Pockets



The somber, hard-working people of an isolated town on the plains ply through life in the drabbest of gray clothes--until, in the linings of their pockets, they begin to discover lavishly embroidered pictures of far-away places, sewn there by a mysterious young woman who has recently arrived and taken up work as the town's seamstress. Exploring these stitched visions--of proud ships and sparkling oceans, of golden towers and distant cities, of buccaneers, sea serpents, and gold--the austere townspeople find themselves transformed. A husband and wife suddenly fall in love again, brightly colored flags appear on rooftops, houses are painted in azure and crimson, dances are held...

Pockets is Jennifer Armstrong's tale of people made new by their imaginations, and of the mysterious young seamstress who brings this about. Her luxurious storytelling is equaled by the rich palette and exuberance of Mary GrandPre's illustrations.

79% (7)

Mini moto aka Pocket bike

Mini moto aka Pocket bike

Currently this is a fad in Malaysia. The cheapest minimoto comes from China and it cost somewhere between RM750 to RM1000.

pocket camera talks

pocket camera talks

for pocket camera holders. keep taking pictures!
pictures taken with canon ixus. thanks 2 xaristianta.

mini pockets bikes

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Proform 940s Stationary Bike

proform 940s stationary bike

    stationary bike
  • An exercise bicycle or bike, or stationary bicycle, or Exercycle is a device with saddle, pedals, and some form of handlebars arranged as on a bicycle, but used as exercise equipment rather than transportation.

  • "Stationary Bike" is a novella written by Stephen King, which was originally published in the fifth edition of From the Borderlands in 2003. It was recently released as part of King's 2008 short story anthology, Just After Sunset.

  • A proform is an expression (typically a word) which has no specific content of its own, but which derives its content from its antecedent.

  • A pro-form is a type of function word or expression that stands in for (expresses the same content as) another word, phrase, clause or sentence where the meaning is recoverable from the context.

  • a form representing another constituent. Pronouns are common proforms, e.g. My little sister saw herself in the mirror.

  • The 940s decade ran from January 1, 940, to December 31, 949.

proform 940s stationary bike - Benchmade 940

Benchmade 940 Osborne Design Knife

Benchmade 940 Osborne Design Knife

The Benchmade 940 is an Osborne Design knife featuring ultra smooth one hand opening and the Axis Lock system for easy opening/closing and a sure fire locking system. Built slim for everyday carry the Benchmade 940 measures 4.47-Inch closed with a 3.40-Inch modified reverse tanto blade made of premium S30V stainless steel (58-60HRC). Green anodized aluminum handles, a reversible (right or left hand carry) pocket clip, and ambidextrous thumb studs complete the Benchmade 940

Whether in your pocket or your hand, the slender curvature and contouring of the 940 Osborne knife make it a perfect everyday carry. The 940 Osborne is equipped with a S30V premium stainless-steel blade with a modified reverse Tanto design. The green anodized aluminum handle, meanwhile, is comfortable in the hand, with a stainless-steel liner and color-anodized titanium back spacer for longevity. Finally, the blade is a breeze to open thanks to the ambidextrous dual thumb stud opener. Other features include an Axis locking mechanism and a reversible steel pocket clip.

Blade length: 3.4 inches
Blade thickness: 0.115 inches
Handle thickness: 0.410 inches
Blade material: S30V premium steel
Blade hardness: 58-60 HRC
Blade style: Modified reverse Tanto, ambidextrous dual thumb studs
Pocket clip: Black, reversible tip-up
Lock mechanism: Axis
Overall length: 7.87 inches
Closed length: 4.47 inches
Weight: 2.9 ounces

87% (18)

BMW RennSport Veritas gets a good polish

BMW RennSport Veritas gets a good polish

The car is of 1948 vintage ( slightly refurbished....) our energetic polisher and his glam'rus assistant are somewhat younger.

Veritas as a company had a short, sharp but very influential history. A potted and prolly inaccurate in detail history gleaned from the binternet reads....

...that they were founded in 1948 and shut their doors in 1952/53 but in that short period they became the first postwar German team to compete in formula one

In the immediate post-war period, very few companies were prepared to make race-cars and hardly any were constructed.

Ernst Loof, Lorenz Dietrich and George Meier recognized this opportunity left by the virtual shut-down of German industry. So much so, they started Veritas just one year after the war ended in a small factory at Me?kirch, Baden-Wurttemberg.
The immediate shortage of supplies after the war meant that the new sports car had to use many recycled components. Naturally, many of these were sourced from Germany’s most important prewar race car, the BMW 328. Furthermore, Ernst Loof was an ex-BMW engineer and the very one that put together von Hanstein’s winning 1940 Mille Miglia Coupe. Loof knew the 328’s 6-cylinder engine was the most suitable power train available. The British understood this even more copied the design for a Bristol engine which powered numerous English sports cars.
In many ways the Veritas was a re-built BMW 328 with a new aerodynamic body. Some cars used the original 328 chassis with a complex network of tubes to support the larger aluminum body. The very first cars actually raced as BMW-Veritas. Later, objection from BMW meant that the model would be simply known as the Veritas Rennsport.
Around the BMW power train, the Veritas used a steel chassis and slab-sided aluminium body. Many cars were built from customer-supplied parts. Veritas could offer engine tuning upwards of 125 bhp. This package set a 2-litre speed-record of 147 mph on the Belgian Autoroute at Jabbeke. Direct competition came from the emerging Ferrari 166, Frazer Nash Le Mans and Osca MT4.
Following the return to stability and economic growth, Veritas enjoyed success during the rebirth motor sports. One of their first customers was Karl Kling who won at Hockenheim in 1947. He later scored a major victory at the 1949
ADAC Eifelrennen race on the Nurburgring. He averaged almost 100 mph around the circuit. These victories put Veritas on the map, but the supply of pre-war 328 components were drying up.

With a huge amount of orders on the table, Loof was forced to make an engine on his own. He employed the services of Heinkel Flugzeugwerke who took a break from their aircraft business to produce an engine similar to the 328’s. The new unit was cast entirely in aluminium rather than the original’s cast iron. Furthermore, it had seven main bearings, a square bore & stroke, hemi combustion chambers and three downdraught carburetors. Being built by hand, only 50 of these units were built before production halted.

Sledgehammer (12)

Sledgehammer (12)

My two Socket 940s fully loaded with dual 64-Bit 2.0GHz Opteron 246 magnificence. I'll miss the solid ceramic constriction of the original Opterons when I upgrade, they provide the chips with a nice weighty feel in the palm of your hand, and probably have a more even thermal signature due to the ceramic layer. You can also spot this board's expansion slots. One PCI Express x16 slot for graphics (no on board), one PCI Express x1 slot for .... possibly a non-RAID 2-port SATA card I spotted. Two legacy PCI slots, one for my Promise FastTrack S150 SX4-M.

proform 940s stationary bike

proform 940s stationary bike

Benchmade 940S Serrated Osborne

Whether in pocket or hand, the slender curvature and contouring of the 940S make it a perfect everyday carry. AXIS® locking mechanism Modified reverse tanto blade with ambidextrous dual thumb-stud opener S30V premium stainless steel blade (58-60HRC) Green anodized 6061-T6 aluminum handles with 410 stainless steel liners, color anodized titanium back spacer and a reversible steel pocket clip Blade Length: 3.40" Blade Thickness: 0.115" Blade Material: S30V Premium Steel Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC Blade Style: Modified Reverse Tanto; Ambidextrous Dual Thumb-Studs Weight: 2.90oz. Pocket Clip: Black, Reversible, Tip-Up Lock Mechanism: AXIS Overall Length: 7.87" Closed Length: 4.47" Sheath Material: Sold Separately

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Pink Road Bike Tires. X3 Pocket Bike. Mountain Bike Vercors.

Pink Road Bike Tires

pink road bike tires

    bike tires
  • A bicycle wheel is a wheel, most commonly a wire wheel, designed for bicycle. A pair is often called a wheelset, especially in the context of ready built "off the shelf" performance-oriented wheels.

  • Having or showing left-wing tendencies

  • of a light shade of red

  • any of various flowers of plants of the genus Dianthus cultivated for their fragrant flowers

  • tap: make light, repeated taps on a surface; "he was tapping his fingers on the table impatiently"

  • Of a color intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon

  • (of wine) Rose

  • a way or means to achieve something; "the road to fame"

  • an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation

  • The part of such a way intended for vehicles, esp. in contrast to a shoulder or sidewalk

  • (roads) a partly sheltered anchorage

  • A regular trade route for a particular commodity

  • A wide way leading from one place to another, esp. one with a specially prepared surface that vehicles can use

pink road bike tires - Maxxis Detonator

Maxxis Detonator PINK Road Race Training Tire 700x23

Maxxis Detonator PINK Road Race Training Tire 700x23

Includes one folding tire
Material- Dual Compound w/Silica Outer Tread for Increased Grip
Compatibility-700c Clincher Rims
Bead Type-Kevlar Folding
Condition- Brand New
Flat Protection-Silkworm Casing
Weight- 225g

The Maxxis Detonator, with its dual compound tread pattern, provides a durable training tire with a race pedigree. Softer silica compound on the outer edges of the tire allows for great traction in a variety of road conditions. The Detonator is durable enough to provide plenty of winter miles, yet supple and grippy enough to race on in the summer.

88% (14)

NUMBER 17: Drylaw to Craighouse campus

NUMBER 17: Drylaw to Craighouse campus

Saturday February 2nd 2008

Get on at Drylaw Church, 2.35pm.
There is a young girl in a pink tracksuit sitting up front with her dad, so sit further back. They are talking about Happy Meals. The church is white with a concrete cross. The ground is wet and there are dark clouds. A broken toilet bowl lies on the grass outside Craigroyston Community Centre. At the roundabout teenage girls linger with hooded tops and cold rosy cheeks. Down toward the gasworks, close to water. The yard stained copper. The girl says she thinks she can see a shark there, or she wishes that there was. Light through a steamed up hairdressers window. A car jacked-up beside a pile of new tyres, just see a figure in the office behind. Near the Botanics other children get on, open packets of something. See rugby on a television in a pub and a man with a beard with hands on head. Change drivers. The girl in pink has a scab on her nose. Fish laid out on ice. She leaves with her dad so move to the front. On George Street a couple are getting married and getting photographed, she has a fur shawl. Another child says, "Why do they want to do that?", and their dad replies "Because...because they love each other". Lights turning amber. The top of a bus stop looks like someone has run their fingers through the dirt. A large tree has fallen in the graveyard on Lothian Road, its bare branches lie on the stones. A man in a camouflage jacket rides with a pizza box strapped to the back of his bike. A sign saying BOOK NOW FOR CHRISTMAS. Past The Meadows. Wet pavements. Someone has sprayed TESCO! 2-FOR-1 FUNERALS!. There is snow on the hills and a jetstream going straight to them. An old woman holding a red pocketbook stumbling. The children are playing eye-spy, something coloured yellow. A cat stares into a front room, empty with a music stand.
Drips of water on a line.

Healing fixed gear - green bike - 019

Healing fixed gear - green bike -  019

45th //
shall I go to the equator or South Pole I wonder?

Call Me The Breeze (J.J. Cale)

They call me the breeze, I keep blowing down the road
They call me the breeze, I keep blowing down the road
I ain't got me nobody, I ain't carrying me no load
Ain't no change in the weather, ain't no change in me
Ain't no change in the weather, ain't no change in me
I ain't hidin' from nobody, ain't nobody hidin' from me
I got that green light, babe, I got to keep moving on
I got that green light, babe, I got to keep moving on
I might go out to California, might go down to Georgia, might stay home

pink road bike tires

pink road bike tires




Polycarbonate Composite Shell: Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology.
ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out the rear of the helmet
Plush, Nylex Interior: Removable and washable
Large eyeport and maximum range adjustable visor: For maximum visibility and superior goggle fit

Standards: DOT approved
Construction: Polycarbonate Composite
Weight: 3.2 lbs/1470 grams (approx, based on size medium)

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Rear Bicycle Panniers - Bike Compression Short Mens.

Rear Bicycle Panniers

rear bicycle panniers

  • Each of a pair of bags or boxes fitted on either side of the rear wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle

  • Part of a skirt looped up around the hips

  • (pannier) either of a pair of bags or boxes hung over the rear wheel of a vehicle (as a bicycle)

  • (pannier) set of small hoops used to add fullness over the hips

  • (pannier) a large basket (usually one of a pair) carried by a beast of burden or on by a person

  • A basket, esp. one of a pair carried by a beast of burden

  • a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • In graph theory, a pseudoforest is an undirected graphThe kind of undirected graph considered here is often called a multigraph or pseudograph, to distinguish it from a simple graph. in which every connected component has at most one cycle.

  • A vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel

  • ride a bicycle

  • the back of a military formation or procession; "infantrymen were in the rear"

  • stand up on the hind legs, of quadrupeds; "The horse reared in terror"

  • The back part of something, esp. a building or vehicle

  • The hindmost part of an army, fleet, or line of people

  • rear(a): located in or toward the back or rear; "the chair's rear legs"; "the rear door of the plane"; "on the rearward side"

  • The space or position at the back of something or someone

bike baskets - basil panniers

bike baskets - basil panniers

Bianchi Milano step-through, XLC 50# rated rear rack, Basil Cardiff pannier baskets (rated 20# ea): perfect set up. Squee, i squee! And i wrapped my u-lock in soft cosy "don't scratch my frame" stuffs.
The Basil baskets lift off, they just hook over the edges of the rack. When i want to leave them on at a public rack i have a small cable combo lock, pass it around the rack, through the hooks *and* basket handles so they don't budge.

Rear Rack with removable Pannier rails

Rear Rack with removable Pannier rails

The pannier load was set back and down similar to a front lowrider rack to improve the handling and lower the load's center of gravity. Tandems handle rear load quite differently from single bikes.

rear bicycle panniers

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Purple Bmx Bikes

purple bmx bikes

    bmx bikes
  • Bicycle motocross or BMX refers to the sport in which the main goal is extreme racing on bicycles in motocross style on tracks with inline start and expressive obstacles, and it is also the term that refers to the bicycle itself that is designed for dirt and motocross cycling.

  • A color intermediate between red and blue

  • empurpled: excessively elaborate or showily expressed; "a writer of empurpled literature"; "many purple passages"; "an over-embellished story of the fish that got away"

  • Purple clothing or material

  • of a color intermediate between red and blue

  • A crimson dye obtained from some mollusks, formerly used for fabric worn by an emperor or senior magistrate in ancient Rome or Byzantium

  • a purple color or pigment

purple bmx bikes - Intense BMX

Intense BMX 2011 Race Complete Bike Pro XL Purple

Intense BMX 2011 Race Complete Bike Pro XL Purple

Hydroformed 6061 aluminum frames, 3-piece cranks and MK2 micro-knobby tires make Intense BMX Race Series complete bikes the go-to for racers of all levels.
SINZ chromoly 1 1/8" Race fork
SINZ threadless headset
SINZ chromoly 8" handlebars
SINZ Pro Lite 50mm stem
SINZ 130mm Sticky grips
THE Icon Jr saddle
SINZ Alloy seat post
SINZ 3 Piece chromoly 180mm cranks
Sealed bearings bottom bracket with chromoly spindle
44/16t gearing
SINZ 32 hole 1.75" alloy sealed bearing front wheel
SINZ 36 hole 1.75" alloy sealed bearing flip-flop rear wheel
ITS MK2 Micro Knobby Tires, 2.0" front, 1.75" rear
Intense Race frame with 6061 Hydroformed 21" TT
14.25-15.75" chainstays, 74 degree headtube, 72 degree seat tube, 11.5" BB height
Item Specifications
TT (Effective)21cm
Defined ColorPurple

77% (17)

03.06.09 The boy on the bike!

03.06.09 The boy on the bike!

I did not get as close as I wanted to as I felt daft with my small p&s! So took this when he was not looking, lol.

Loved this as both his hair and bike are purple! He was also rather good, kept the children entertained for ages. Emma has been practicing on her Dora the explorer bike ever since she got home. Perhaps she will be as good as him when she gets her stabilisers off ;)

BMX.......stolen 8/9th of May

BMX.......stolen 8/9th of May

along with my purple MKII chopper, my silver MKII chopper, my FUCKING Black MKII chopper and my stupid home made lowrider "Miss Woo"................which has no brakes.............i hope they fucking kill themselves on it.

purple bmx bikes

purple bmx bikes

Troy Lee Designs Medusa CF D3 Carbon Bike Racing BMX Helmet w/ Free B&F Heart Sticker - Purple / Medium

The next generation of action sports protection, the brand new D3 Helmet is the pinnacle of style and safety. A technologically advanced Carbon Fiber shell and titanium hardware gives the D3 a featherweight feel. 20 high-flow intake and exhaust ports, including a revolutionary injection-molded intake system, combine with new deeper EPS channeling to provide optimal ventilation.

Included free is the new Bold and Fearless Heart Sticker. Approx 5"x2.5". Be Bold and Fearless with Ancient Chinese Scripting and space to add your name or title. 1 free sticker per item added.

Dual Density Shock Pad System
Removable, Washable MX-style padded liner
Coolmax and Dri-Lex moisture-wicking materials
Quick-release cheek pads for emergency helmet removal
Purpose-built internal cavities for audio integration
Full incremental sizing based on motorsports provides greater range of fitment
Exceeds bicycle and snow safety certifications: CPSC 1203, CE EN1077, CE EN1078, ASTM F1952, ASTM F2032, ASTM F2040
2011 Model

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Spenco Bike Gloves

spenco bike gloves

  • Spenco Medical Corporation is an American manufacturer of foot care and first aid products. It ranked among the top 10 American foot care manufactures in terms of retail sales in 2007 & 2008.

  • (of a baseball catcher) Catch, deflect, or touch (the ball) with one's glove

  • (glove) handwear: covers the hand and wrist

  • baseball glove: the handwear used by fielders in playing baseball

  • boxing glove: boxing equipment consisting of big and padded coverings for the fists of the fighters; worn for the sport of boxing

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

spenco bike gloves - Ironman Elite

Ironman Elite Model Cycling Gloves (Black, Large)

Ironman Elite Model Cycling Gloves (Black, Large)

The Ironman? Elite cycling gloves provide maximum support and protection for hard-core cyclists. The unique 5-pad gel system on the palm incorporates The Groove, a patented channel that reduces hand numbness and fatigue while helping to prevent the pressure of vibration from reaching the median nerve. Breathable nylon/spandex mesh with polyester mesh knuckle covers offers comfortable wear. Features Fabric Content: 50% leather, 20% nylon, 15% cotton, 12% rubber gel, 3% rubber TPR hook-and-loop closure allows for custom fit adjustment at the wrist Terry cloth thumb for sweat absorption Thumb Crotch: Additional layer of leather for reinforcement and longer wear Palm: Perforated Pittards? leather for ventilation, with second layer to enclose gel padding for greater durability and wear life Cuff: Elastic knit for more secure fit Top Cover: Thick, yet breathable nylon/spandex mesh Knuckle Cover: Polyester mesh for stretchability and ventilation Fourchettes: Heavy duty stretch Lycra? spandex for durability Overlock Stitching: Extra step to prevent unraveling Palm Padding: Heavy-duty 6mm gel Unique 5-pad system for shock absorption and palm protection in case of impact The Groove: Patented channel between pads over the median nerve helps reduce hand numbness and fatigue, helps prevent the pressure of vibration from reaching the median nerve Imported

78% (7)

Spenco Full Length Arch Cushion

Spenco Full Length Arch Cushion

Spenco Full Length Arch Cushion Insoles use a closed-cell, nitrogen-injected material to absorb the shock that your feet and arches should not have to endure. These Arch Cushion Insoles help provide pain relieving arch support without any added pressure.

Spenco 3/4 length Arch Cushion

Spenco 3/4 length Arch Cushion

Spenco® 3/4 Length Arch Cushions for all both High and Low Arches. Provides Cushioned Support to help even weight distribution. Corrects over-pronation and supination by stabilizing the arch for proper alignment and balance.

spenco bike gloves

spenco bike gloves

Spenco Classic Glove LG Beige Crochet Knit

Spenco Classic offers a retro look with modern upgrades to the materials and padding.
Cotton Crochet mesh top
Patented Shock-Tek palm pad system protects the median nerve to prevent numbness and discomfort
6mm internal gel palm padding
Clarino synthetic leather palm
Lycra finger side panels for form fit
Terry thumb for soft absorbent wiping
Item Specifications
Finger StyleShort Finger
SeasonWarm Weather
Type of MaterialSynthetic
Defined ColorTan
Thermal Rating0

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Trek City Bike. Fixed Gear Bike Components.

Trek City Bike

trek city bike

    city bike
  • A European city bike, or simply city bike is a bicycle designed for frequent short, moderately paced rides through relatively flat urban areas. It is a form of utility bicycle commonly seen around the world, built to facilitate everyday riding in normal clothes in a variety of weather conditions.

  • any long and difficult trip

  • Go on a long arduous journey, typically on foot

  • (of an ox) Draw a vehicle or pull a load

  • a journey by ox wagon (especially an organized migration by a group of settlers)

  • Migrate or journey with one's belongings by ox-wagon

  • journey on foot, especially in the mountains; "We spent the summer trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas"

trek city bike - GN032+WPCS2: Bicycle

GN032+WPCS2: Bicycle / Handlebar Mount & Case for Garmin, TomTom, Magellan GPS with 4.3" or 3.5" screen

GN032+WPCS2: Bicycle / Handlebar Mount & Case for Garmin, TomTom, Magellan GPS with 4.3

# HANDLEBAR MOUNTING PEDESTAL Fits handlebars up to 33mm diameter # Compatible with most straight, drop, trekking, and touring size handlebars # Compatible with standard (25.4mm and 26mm) size handlebars # Also compatible with Garmin 17mm swivel ball pattern # For use with bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles, hang gliders, or other apparatus having cylinder-shaped frames or posts UNIVERSAL CASE # Features transparent touch through lens, zipper enclosure, and a cut-out at bottom for charging cable access # Includes multiple pieces of foam for use as spacers with different sized GPS devices # Compatible with most 3.5 and 4.3 inch GPS devices # Garmin Nuvi 200, 500, 700, 800, 1200, 1300, 1600, 3700 series # Compatible with Magellan Maestro 3000/400 series, Crossover, and Roadmate 1000 Series GPS # Compatible with TomTom One, GO, XL series GPS

81% (17)

Trek 7.1 FX

Trek 7.1 FX

besides of riding, I also took pictures of her in different places from the same angles.
how was it?

I know its not perfect, but I just love it.

FYLI - For your location information:
1 taken in rear side of UTS library
2 taken in castlereagh st
3.taken in george st.

12 may Trek 7000 and 188 Day 174

12 may Trek 7000 and 188 Day 174

Today, I bought a bike. It's Bike To Work Week here so I decided to get one. This one is a Trek 7000 city bike.

It is the first bike I have ever had with a little bell, brakes that work and gears...

I will be very careful as I bike to work...

trek city bike

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We The People Envy Bike : Girls Bike Frame : Women's Cruiser Bicycle.

We The People Envy Bike

we the people envy bike

  • (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively; "old people"; "there were at least 200 people in the audience"

  • furnish with people; "The plains are sparsely populated"

  • Those without special rank or position in society; the populace

  • Human beings in general or considered collectively

  • The citizens of a country, esp. when considered in relation to those who govern them

  • fill with people; "Stalin wanted to people the empty steppes"

  • a feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have something that is possessed by another

  • A feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck

  • A person or thing that inspires such a feeling

  • feel envious towards; admire enviously

  • be envious of; set one's heart on

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

we the people envy bike - Envy: A

Envy: A Novel of the Fallen Angels

Envy: A Novel of the Fallen Angels

A man and a woman tread the lines of danger, desire, and deliverance in the new novel of the Fallen Angels from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.
As the son of a serial killer, homicide detective Thomas "Veck" DelVecchio, Jr., grew up in the shadow of evil. Now, on the knife-edge between civic duty and blind retribution, he atones for the sins of his father- while fighting his inner demons. Assigned to monitor Veck is Internal Affairs officer Sophia Reilly, whose interest in him is both professional and arousingly personal. And Veck and Sophia have another link: Jim Heron, a mysterious stranger with too many answers... to questions that are deadly. When Veck and Sophia are drawn into the ultimate battle between good and evil, their fallen angel savior is the only thing that stands between them and eternal damnation.

86% (16)

BIKE-ADVENTURE : And finally our departure / Und schliesslich unser Abschied

BIKE-ADVENTURE : And finally our departure / Und schliesslich unser Abschied

Next morning our air-taxi came to take us back. Just fourteen days we had spent among the Indians of the Xingu - too short for our enthusiasm for these wonderful people - but increadibly revealing about the life of these nature people - observations which I hardly would be able to express in my modest words ! And when we had reached our height above the clouds again, I couldn't help to get lost in thoughts like this one : We represent the so called "civilized world" - with high-tec, greed for money, power and sex, and we reap envy, hate, murder and wars. Them, on the other hand, represent a "primitive world" (as we civilized use to say) - with highly developed knowledge of nature, a co-existence in mutual harmony, natural readyness of the strong to help the weak, respect of the elder by the younger, carefull dealing with nature . . . I could present a long list of my observations among them, proving who really are the true "human beings" of our planet ! (Please honor my work with your comment !)

Ja und dann, am nachsten Morgen, kam wie verabredet unser Lufttaxi, um uns abzuholen. Es lagen nur vierzehn Tage hinter uns - eine so kurze Zeit, die uns aber das Leben dieser Naturmenschen auf eine Art und Weisse erschlossen hatte, die man nur schlecht in Worte fassen kann - und erst recht nicht in kurze ! Und als wir dann wieder im Flugzeug sassen, beschaftigte ich mich mit Gedanken wie diesem : Wir reprasentieren die so genannte "zivilisierte Welt" - mit hoch entwickelter Technik, Gier nach Geld, Macht und Sex, und wir ernten Neid, Hass, Krieg, Mord und Totschlag. Sie dagegen, reprasentieren eine "primitive Welt" (wie wir Zivilisierten gerne zu sagen pflegen) - mit hoch entwickelten Kenntnissen der Natur, einer Co-Existenz in gegenseitiger Harmonie, naturlicher Hilfsbereitschaft der Starken, Respekt der Jungen vor den Alten, schonender Umgang mit der Natur . . . ich konnte eine lange Liste von Beobachtungen anfuhren, die mir bewiesen haben, wer die wirklichen "humanen Wesen" auf unserem Planeten sind. (Bitte ehrt meine Arbeit mit Eurem Kommentar !)

BIKE-ADVENTURE will be continued - look forward to our adventures in the AMAZON !
BIKE-ADVENTURE geht nachste Woche weiter - freut Euch auf unsere Abenteuer in AMAZONIEN !



Frame : ENVY2011 20.75
Fork : eclat STREAM FORK
Bar : flybikes pantera bars 8.35
Grips : eclat SCOPE GRIP
Sprocket : eclat 7075 CNC 25T
Cranks : eclat TIBIA 2PC 175mm
Pedals : fly bikes ruben pedals
Rim(F) : eclat BONDI AERO RIM
Hub(F) : eclat PULSE FRONT HUB
Tire(F) : WETHEPEOPLE GRIPPIN 2.25 kevlar
Tire(R) : WETHEPEOPLE FEELIN 2.1 kevlar
Pegs : eclat SLOTMACHINE

we the people envy bike

we the people envy bike

Envy (Empty Coffin)

Murder is such a dirty word…

New York Times bestselling adult true crime author Gregg Olsen makes his YA debut with EMPTY COFFIN, a gripping new fiction series for teens based on ripped-from-the-headlines stories…with a paranormal touch.

Crime lives--and dies--in the deceptively picture-perfect town of Port Gamble (aka “Empty Coffin”), Washington. Evil lurks and strange things happen--and 15-year-olds Hayley and Taylor Ryan secretly use their wits and their telepathic “twin-sense” to uncover the truth about the town's victims and culprits.

Envy, the series debut, involves the mysterious death of the twins' old friend, Katelyn. Was it murder? Suicide? An accident? Hayley and Taylor are determined to find out--and as they investigate, they stumble upon a dark truth that is far more disturbing than they ever could have imagined.

Based on the shocking true crime about cyber-bullying, Envy will take you to the edge--and push you right over.

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Women's Schwinn Bike

women's schwinn bike

  • (The Women (novel)) The Women is a 2009 novel by T. C. Boyle. It is a biographical novel of Frank Lloyd Wright, told through his relationships with four women: the young Serbian dancer Olgivanna; Miriam, the morphine-addicted and obsessive Southern belle; Mamah, whose life ended tragically in a

  • (Women) A woman (pl: women) is a female human. The term woman is usually reserved for an adult, with the term girl being the usual term for a female child or adolescent.

  • (The Women (2008 film)) The Women is a 2008 American comedy film written, produced and directed by Diane English. The screenplay is an updated version of the George Cukor-directed 1939 film of the same name based on a 1936 play by Clare Boothe Luce.

  • Since 1895, America's bicycle brand

  • The Schwinn Bicycle Company was founded by German-born mechanical engineer Ignaz Schwinn (1860-1945) in Chicago in 1895, became the dominant manufacturer of American bicycles through most of the 20th century and is now an out-sourced sub-brand of Pacific Cycle, currently owned by the multi-

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

women's schwinn bike - Schwinn Ridge

Schwinn Ridge AL Women's 26" Mountain Bike Purple

Schwinn Ridge AL Women's 26

Hit the trail with confidence with the Schwinn Ridge AL 26" Women's Bike. Equipped with an aluminum MTB frame and an SR Suntour suspension fork, the Ridge AL is smooth and sturdy. The front and rear linear pull brakes provide sure stopping power while on the move. Thanks to the 21-speed drive train and SRAM trigger shifters, it's a breeze to shift gears regardless of the terrain. Other details include rustproof alloy rims and 1.95-inch-thick tires, 26-inch wheels, a Suntour alloy crank, rust-resistant powder coating, and an adjustable quick-release seat.

82% (8)

Schwinn Sierra 7 2011 model

Schwinn Sierra 7 2011 model

Color is dried herb. Note the brown houndstooth accents...This is a super cool bike that my 10-year old picked out for her birthday. It has a super light aluminum frame and Shimano gears and rides like a dream. We had more of a kids bike in mind for her but she loved this, and luckily they had it in a women's extra small.

Schwinn Sprint Road Bike- $220 OBO

Schwinn Sprint Road Bike- $220 OBO

Woman's Schwinn Sprint Road Bike on sale for $220 or best offer. Ready to ride!
Frame size is 43 cm (~17").
In excellent condition. New tires and seat. It works very smoothly.

Please contact me if you have any interest.

women's schwinn bike

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