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How to change a car tyre. Tyres cheap.

How To Change A Car Tyre

how to change a car tyre

my dad is 60.

my dad is 60.

Adam found this sweet 1937 Pontiac at one of his shops about to be scrapped, so he bought it for my dad and had it towed to his house.

I hadn't seen the car yet, so we headed over to my parent's house to check it out. When we got there, my dad was replacing the brakes on his Toyota in the garage and my sister B was parked in the driveway in front of the open garage. My parent's Equinox was parked in the driveway to the left of the garage, so we parked behind the Equinox and went inside.

My dad was still finishing up the brakes on the Toyota, so my mom, Adam and I went inside to get a flashlight to see the Pontiac in the backyard. I had just laid eyes ont the Pontiac when I heard SCREEECH**CRUNCH*

I never swear in front of my mom, but I said "What the F*CK!?" and went running with Adam toward their 6' privacy fence to see what had happened.

My first thought was: OMIGOD, my dad screwed up the brakes and they failed and he hit B's car!! (Obviously, because she was parked right in front of the open garage.) Instead Adam looks over the fence and says "He hit OUR car!"

We opened the gate and ran to find my dad putting the Toyota in park and getting out looking disoriented. He stumbled around in a circle a bit and said "What the hell happened??" while we asked the same thing.

Yeahhhh. So, my dad likes to accelerate at all times. B had left already. He decided to take the Toyota and the new brakes for a spin. Instead of just backing out of his garage like a normal person, he decided to take advantage of his [really huge] driveway and floor it out of the garage and the cut the wheel to the left to swing around and change direction.

He totally forgot OUR CAR was in his driveway.

That's what he said. "I forgot you guys were here!!" It doesn't help they don't really have driveway lights and our car is pretty close to the color of asphalt.

My dad T-boned my car with his hoopty. My very favorite 2007 Ford Fusion AWD. He completely crumpled the fender and the tire was laying inside of the wheel well at an unnatural angle (clearly he broke the axle).

I started laughing HYSTERICALLY. I also laughed hysterically when my Monte Carlo was stolen a few years ago. All you can do is laugh in this situations. We have great insurance, they have great insurance... so what is there to be upset about, really??

We used their car that weekend and waited for a tow. Almost 2 weeks later and we have our Fusion back good as new. The damages totaled $3100 with $1800 just in suspension work.

We were joking that he shoudl've hit it a little more to the left, because then he could've bent the frame and totaled the car, thus eliminating our car payment. To that he said "I could hit it again!" and we all yelled "NO!"

Only me.

Luck ? Unluck ? How do you think ?

Luck ? Unluck ?  How do you think ?

The first things happen on this first day of CHinese New Year for me


my tire is punctured !!

How do you think? Am I lucky or unluck ?
I am on my way back to home from KL Sentral.
When I aware that my tire is punctured , I were on Jalan Kuncing , at about 3:10am.

So sorry for disturb my Cousin and asked him to come and help me. ;( ; )

Finally , my cousin help me driving my car back to home , because it was quite
dangerous for changing tire beside a high speed road. So better went back.
After about less 10 minutes, I and my car all back to home. ( I drive his car back.)

My tire was pucncture but I stilldrive and drive again, so , it became like this , o ,poor tire !!!

So , what is your opinion? how do you think ? Am I luck or unlucky?


What I feel is , O , I am luck ......because...... ; )


how to change a car tyre

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