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Stencils For Baby Nursery

stencils for baby nursery

    for baby
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stencils for baby nursery - Zoo Babies:

Zoo Babies: Stencils for a Nursery

Zoo Babies: Stencils for a Nursery

Treat your little one to a fun and safe "walk on the wild side." With these stencils you can create a whimsical setting complete with elephant, giraffe, hippo, lion, monkey, tiger & zebra for a fun day at the Zoo. Decorate your entire nursery, from murals to one of a kind painted furniture, pillows to throws and even down to the lampshade. These stencils can complete the setting for your little adventurer. These are cut & paint stencils. Most cut & paint stencils are complete with only one stencil and leave you with a silhouette image. These designs each have more than one stencil (called overlays) and they leave you with a complete picture. My goal was to create a project that would be easy enough to complete in a minimal amount of time and yet leave you with an art piece only lacking of your individual touches. These stencils are designed to inspire your creativity!

85% (12)

Nursery Stencil

Nursery Stencil

We chose a colour called "Beach House" for the nursery and so, inspired by the beach huts at Hove, I decided to create and paint little beach huts on the wall. I made a stencil and then used Crown paints tester pots because they come with a sponge applicator which made it a lot quicker and easier than faffing around with seperate brushes or sponges.



--Pillows and covers from Ikea
--I downloaded animal stencils for free online, enlarged them, created freezer paper stencils and used fabric paint to make these pillows.
(I had seen lots of similar ones - though much nicer - online but they're all fairly expensive so I wanted to try and make something on my own)

stencils for baby nursery

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