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Underwater Camera Deals

underwater camera deals

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Underwater Adventures

Underwater Adventures

This is literally 150 meters away from where we are staying. The first time we walked out our back door and went for a snorkel... I couldn't believe it. Some parts of the reef have tons of fish and every single time we've gone out we've seen several sea turtles.

Makes it hard to really want to go anywhere... but we will try to meet some dolphins at Electric Beach. Maybe tomorrow!

The GoPro's curved lens cover doesn't do too well in producing crisp footage underwater (apparently they are working on that), but we also "rented" a waterproof Olympus from Best Buy. I have no idea when I'll have enough time to deal with all the media we will amass on this trip.

Day 365-underwater

Day 365-underwater

Kenna and I went and got this underwater camera to take our final photo for the 365Days group...and then realized it was too dark!

We finally swam over to take some pix directly in front of the light...and now it kinda doesn't even look like we're underwater at all, but we really are!

Anyway, this was an interesting experiment, taking a self-portrait every day for a year. Filled with photos I spent a good deal of time of and day (or weeks or months) where my enthusiasm waned I kept forgetting.

So long, 365Days! You may be missed!

underwater camera deals

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