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Bike bags and racks - Razor bike battery.

Bike Bags And Racks

bike bags and racks

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Peter's Pack-able Rack

Peter's Pack-able Rack

Peter got a hold of me about making a collapsable front rack that he can pack in his bike bag on an up-coming forray across the sea. Since all my adjustable front racks can be disassembled it was only a matter of slightly modifying an existing design (the "camper" rack) to make it a little more compact. Try getting that kind of service from any manufacturer other than a custom builder.

The Tardis

The Tardis

Indeed !

A Ridgeback Flight 04 - medium frame (56cm) is a bit of a tight squeeze with the 700c wheels and hub gears but still everything fitted.

Had to remove the handlebars, rear rack and the mini derailleur. Took about 20 mins to dismantle pack it all up.


bike bags and racks

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