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Bike Light Batteries

bike light batteries

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Smart lights

Smart lights

Rear light is a Smart 3 L.E.D. This is over 7 years old but has never let me down -- not even a bulb has blown -- well worth the ?5.00 I paid for it. It uses 2 x AAA batteries.

Front light is a Smart Polaris. Due to good, long life of the rear light, it seemed a wise move to stick with the Smart company. This is the best light in it's class with a run time up to 400 hours on two AA cells in flashing mode.

Batteries: These are fairly new technology; the so called "low discharge" ones. By that it means they hold their charge much longer than traditional NMIH rechargeable one's which - rather annoyingly - lose over 10% of their charge per week when not in use and are typically dead, requiring a full recharge after 7 weeks or so. These "Uniross Hybrio" only lose 25% of their charge per year, this makes them ideal for high-power electrical items you don't use very often. They have a life of 500 charges per cell and I can charge them in my old, regular Hahnel PowerStation TC Max trickle charger.

Day 31 - DIY Bike Lights

Day 31 - DIY Bike Lights

Tonight I was soldering connectors on to my new battery packs, for my bike lights. Got to use my new charger (I now some of you are as excited as me about an all singing all dancing battery charger) and it was great :-). Only problem is my lamp won't light. Ber.

bike light batteries

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