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Best Web Camera India

best web camera india

    web camera
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The Kids Call Me a Computer Photographer

The Kids Call Me a Computer Photographer

I met a little kid and older than this girl and he calls me computer photographer , he saw my pictures on the net , I was in a hurry so I did not pay much attention to him.. but his words stuck to my soul.

I dont give copies of my pictures to people I shoot if I did I would be bankrupt by now as I have 139823 images on the net all at Flickr.

All shot of people and places my mind has visited I shoot my surroundings , my Mumbaikar ethos as only certain situations find me leaving the city where I live .

I shot more pictures last year than this year last year a single month like August 2009 I had shot over 7000 photo blogs in a month.

This year I am low profile and less prolific in my uploads to Flickr .

I cross blog some of my posts to Blogspot Wordpress where I have my web presence but the other tw places are Facebook and Twitter .

I had a site Firoze Shakir .com I surrendered it I could not afford the steep yearly charges .

And I blog to keep myself awake to the reality of my soul my angst so to speak and in a few minutes I will begin my 18 fast down below my house I can hear the voice of the Awakeners calling out to wake up for the fast but I am too tired and sleepy to go down and shoot them.

And life has not been very kind to me always attacking me when I least expected it and has almost flattened me out , the blogging process makes me empty out my pain through pictures softly silently.

Another place where I ink my blogs from Flick is Indivine at Indi Bloggers a group of Indian bloggers led by Renie Ranvin..A nice place to learn about blogging with a very vibrant forum that has versatile bloggers from all walks of life their inputs their love blogging is astonishing and holistically healing to say the least.

And I got an Invitation to shoot the Dahi Handi at Than by a young enterprising lad Purvesh Sarnaik son of Pratap Sarnaik leader of Shiv Sena part in Thane.

I had shot the world record breaking Dahi handi the nine teared one by the Talwadi Mitra Mandal of Mumbai.

But leaving Dadar is an idea I cant take up, I shoot Ranade Road or other areas of Dadar in the day time barefeet dressed in saffron and Dahi Handi is the best time to meet other street photographers both from media and my camera club PSI of India Mumbai

My friend Raju Langewal of Lal Bagh Cha Raja wants me to come and shoot hi Dahi Handi too..and I dont have wheels and it is tough getting cabs on Gokul Ashtami.

And I shall miss my Nikon AF 2'8 80- 20 Lens that I sold ff to shoot Ajmer Sharif.

I was really broke my business in the slumps this year and last year too.. and the year before last too.

My computer broke down I blog on my sons spare computer till I get a new one which will take some time I type with a single finger of my permanently damaged right hand..

A blog is a river of words that once it flows it touches shores of another mans Mind and Imagination...

best web camera india

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