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35 Makeup Design

35 makeup design

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Black Jack - Face Design Version 2.5

Black Jack - Face Design Version 2.5

As part of my Black Jack costume, which I debuted in 2005.

Foundation: Ben Nye Creme Foundation P-121 (Lite Japanese - light skin tones.), P-11 (Chinese - dark skin tones)
Set with Ben Nye Color Cake Foundation PC-43 (Chinese), and Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder
Eyebrows and face scars drawn/enhanced with Ben Nye MagiColor Pencil/Ultralite (Black MC-1)
Scar enhancement: Mehron Rigid Collodion 204RA and Ben Nye Liquid Latex

Total time from clean, scrubbed and shaved face: Approximately 35-40 minutes.

(Pardon the image quality and low light - Captured about 7:45 AM Pacific Time with my monitor webcam, backlight and a desk lamp with a cool CFL bulb.)
I'll get the wig on when I'm where I need to be.

DateNiteOct19 (35)

DateNiteOct19 (35)

Date Night Event Sterling Salon experienced 12 years Hair Dresser Loraine Womack Style design updo curl set Saturday October 20 2007 Brandy Mott Shawnda Poole Makeup artist pictures photo stella spa model before after results dallas texas tollway

35 makeup design

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