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Stationery exercise bike : Bike inner tube 26 : How to change tires on a bike.

Stationery Exercise Bike

stationery exercise bike

    exercise bike
  • An exercise bicycle or bike, or stationary bicycle, or Exercycle is a device with saddle, pedals, and some form of handlebars arranged as on a bicycle, but used as exercise equipment rather than transportation.

  • A piece of exercise equipment having handlebars, pedals, and a saddle like a bicycle, on which the user replicates the movements of bicycling

  • an exercise device resembling a stationary bike

  • writing materials, envelopes, office materials; Common misspelling of stationary

  • Writing paper, esp. with matching envelopes

  • Writing and other office materials

  • paper cut to an appropriate size for writing letters; usually with matching envelopes

  • Stationery has historically meant a wide gamut of materials: paper and office supplies, writing implements, greeting cards, glue, pencil case etc.

Breaking a Sweat!

Breaking a Sweat!

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That which does not kill me makes me stronger..................????????????????

Out of winter boredom or complete loss of ANY brain cells i had remaining, i have agreed to take my first ever "spin" class tomorrow evening...knowing full well i have to get myself to my favorite exercise class ever (Pilates....after 2 wks off) on Friday morning at 9am! I am not even 100% sure i will be able to walk into the pilates studio, let alone do the hour after i attempt THIS class...
i have been doing pilates for 3 months now and it has made a tremendous difference....i am more fit and toned than i have been in a while and i adore the class and how i feel when i am finished....just not really sure if i am ready to add "spin" to the mix...
then....what's the worst that could possibly happen!!!!!!!!!!??? ;-)

OK.....My take on "Spin Class" is that it is an HOUR, with no breaks, on a stationery bike, with a VERY uncomfortable seat (especially if you have butt bones that poke through!), set to music that you are supposed to keep up with, while a trainer urges you to not give up...." or something like this......will report back....if i make it through the class!

UPDATE: i survived..........walked out on my own power.....the big question now....will i be able to get off my REALLY high shaker bed without landing on my butt in the morning!! ;-D

Feb. 4 - Making Progress or NOT

Feb. 4 - Making Progress or NOT

Looking for today's daily shoot offered this photo opportunity!
Challege: Daily Shoot 81 - Contrasting ideas engage the mind. Make a photo today that tells a story with contrasting elements. (via @dibytes)

The inventor of this plan...engaged a few gears...and his mind...for a great reward. Contrast: creative thinking vs dull wintertime blues!

Or, the contrast could be between losing weight and gaining weight....new invention and old. Nevertheless, this clever invention offers much more...like cause and effect. Run that cycle faster and the ice cream will be ready sooner!

Only regrets: We missed the action by a day. Next week, maybe we will have to drop back by the shop and check out what's happening....and have a little treat!

stationery exercise bike

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