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Best toys for a two year old - Mcdonalds toys batman - Cheap kid toys

Best Toys For A Two Year Old

best toys for a two year old

    two year
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  • College - Course offerings generally include occupational or technical curricula with courses of study designed to prepare students for employment in two years.  Some students transfer to a four-year college after graduation.

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  • (toy) dally: behave carelessly or indifferently; "Play about with a young girl's affection"

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Just for Daniel

Just for Daniel

Are you surprised by this shot when it comes to your eyes?
Which is the present I prepared for Daniel`s Birthday of his 7 years old.
It didn`t cost me much money, however I did spend much time and spirit on it for pleasing him.
As one month before Daniel`s birthday, I started to think what kind of present was suitable for him.
I am used to consider giving him costly toys or painting tools as a present.
But, after all I don`t think he would be touched by such "common" things.
Subsequently, the idea of making something by myself came to my mind,
and that is why I did a great job which you can see inside the phot for him.

Since I owning my DSLR(digital single-lens reflex) camera last December, Daniel was being my best model all the time without complaint.
Most of my shots are rife with his figures , and certainly my web side can verify my words.
Absolutely, there are more than hundreds pictures that refers to him.
His cute smile, big eyes, each happy hour, disorder moment and even weeping face were all recorded by my camera.
So, not only for blessing his birthday but also thanks for his coperation with me, I made it for him.

In the beginning ,the toughest thing is that I had to pick up about 100 best photos of him from all photo files.
He is really born to be a model and each picture with he inside all caught my eyes for while.
Every photo reminded me the past happy moment which we had.

Finally, I selected my favors and went to the studio to print them out.
Right after that, I found a commerical board maker to buy two pieces of transparent acrylic boards and screws.
While every material for the present has been done, I started to stick every two photos together,
and put them between two acrylic boards then fixing four corners by the screws.
In the end, I attached the photo which Daniel holding his birthday card in the middle of the board.
That`s it, the gift for Daniel has been completed as you can see from the photo above.

In the process of making it, each photos recalled me many lovely memories.
I can`t stop to say Daniel`s smile seems has it`s magic that could amuse everyone around him.
My finger always can`t resist his charm and press the camera shutter continuously.
As long as the target I shoot is him, it`s easily to result excellent works.
Because his gorgeous facial expression always cover much lack of my photograph skill.
I admire him is not because he is my nephew but just telling the truth.

Honestly, I should give him much more than this gift because he ever brought me innumerable happness and laugh.
Anyhow, " Happy Birthday to my dearest Daniel" .

my best to you!

my best to you!

"So here's to you
May your dreams come true
May old father time
Never be unkind
And through the years
Save your smiles and your tears
They're just souvenirs
They'll make music in your heart
Remember this
Each new day is a kiss
Sent from up above
With an angel's love
So here's to you
May your skies be blue
And your love blessed
That's my very best to you" ~ Isham Jones and Gene Willaden

HAPPY JUDIBIRDTHDAY! With all the toys around here, wouldn't you think there'd be a pony or two? Alas, no....

best toys for a two year old

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