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Folding Touring Bicycle - Mountain Bike Trek.

Folding Touring Bicycle

folding touring bicycle

    touring bicycle
  • A touring bicycle is a bicycle designed or modified to handle bicycle touring. To make the bikes sufficiently robust, comfortable and capable of carrying heavy loads, special features may include a long wheelbase (for ride comfort and to avoid pedal-to-lage conflicts), frame materials that

  • protein folding: the process whereby a protein molecule assumes its intricate three-dimensional shape; "understanding protein folding is the next step in deciphering the genetic code"

  • fold: a geological process that causes a bend in a stratum of rock

  • Mix an ingredient gently with (another ingredient), esp. by lifting a mixture with a spoon so as to enclose it without stirring or beating

  • Bend (something flexible and relatively flat) over on itself so that one part of it covers another

  • foldable: capable of being folded up and stored; "a foldaway bed"

  • (of a piece of furniture or equipment) Be able to be bent or rearranged into a flatter or more compact shape, typically in order to make it easier to store or carry

folding touring bicycle - Schwalbe Marathon

Schwalbe Marathon Extreme HS 402 Double Defense City/Touring Bicycle Tire - Folding (Reflex - 700 x 40)

Schwalbe Marathon Extreme HS 402 Double Defense City/Touring Bicycle Tire - Folding (Reflex - 700 x 40)

Designed for expedition and rough terrain. Only by riding can the easyrolling ability of the Marathon Extreme be experienced. The light, yet at thesame time, solid construction is made possible by the all-around SnakeSkinfabric layer. The HighDensity belt protects against punctures and is made even more efficient in this latest version with the addition of ceramic coating. SnakeSkin + HD Ceramic Guard = Double Defense. Additionally the tire uses the latest compound. Triple Nano Compound ensures safe grip on wet roads, low rolling resistance and remarkable durability.

88% (17)

Birdy Tour @ ???

Birdy Tour @ ???

Took the Birdy for a quick evening spin. Went to Kagurazaka and there was a festival there. Road was crowded and it was difficult to cycle with all the street stall and pedestrian traffic. Oh well.

Stop by the Akagi Jinja which was off the main road. Quite a nice change from the crowded street outside.

Tried out the gear shift again and now it all seems to be working properly. Good.

Taken with Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 on Sony NEX-3.


Appledore - Airnimal Joey Folded

Appledore - Airnimal Joey Folded

Folded with the rack. Not as tight as I would like and needs to be attached on train. Long commute tho' (31.8 miles daily) gotta have a rack and a comfy bike.

I found that leaving the saddle extended, when carrying the folded bike under my arm, actually makes it quite manoeuverable in the train-car - when I'm trying to find a seat.

folding touring bicycle

folding touring bicycle

Bicycle Diaries

A renowned musician and visual artist presents an idiosyncratic behind-thehandlebars view of the world's cities

Since the early 1980s, David Byrne has been riding a bike as his principal means of transportation in New York City. Two decades ago, he discovered folding bikes and started taking them on tour. Byrne's choice was made out of convenience rather than political motivation, but the more cities he saw from his bicycle, the more he became hooked on this mode of transport and the sense of liberation it provided. Convinced that urban biking opens one's eyes to the inner workings and rhythms of a city's geography and population, Byrne began keeping a journal of his observations and insights.

An account of what he sees and whom he meets as he pedals through metropoles from Berlin to Buenos Aires, Istanbul to San Francisco, Manila to New York, Bicycle Diaries also records Byrne's thoughts on world music, urban planning, fashion, architecture, cultural dislocation, and much more, all conveyed with a highly personal mixture of humor, curiosity, and humility. Part travelogue, part journal, part photo album, Bicycle Diaries is an eye-opening celebration of seeing the world from the seat of a bike.

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