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Retro bicycle accessories - Chopper bicycle wheel - 12 inch bicycle wheel

Retro Bicycle Accessories

retro bicycle accessories

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John Henry Bikes 2010 Show & Shine

John Henry Bikes 2010 Show & Shine

Miss the good old days of bicycles? We’ve dreamed up something spectacular and are very excited for what you have to bring to the table - that’s right, YOU! We’re having a good ol’ Show & Shine at John Henry Bikes and are displaying all the classics - so grab that old bike you love and bring it down to show off. RSVP now while you have time to polish it up nice!
Don’t forget, the holiday season’s coming and we’ll make sure you take care of Mom and Dad: hybrids and accessories are at prices just for you. Old school bikes and outfits everywhere, free food and drinks, and holiday presents done early? Now that’s a party
Bring your classic bike at 5pm, throw on some retro clothes (biking or not), and join us for a grand time. Don’t worry, Escape Adventures will have a section for the kids to play in while you chat up your peers about your classic Schwinn over a glass of wine or a beer (on the house, of course). The coolest companies will be there showing off their classic beauties too but it wouldn’t be complete without you, your favorite ride, and some great memories. We’ll see you there, ready to Show & Shine!

The nitty gritty:
* November 25th, 2010 @ 5pm
* Bring your favorite old custom bike or just come to check out the classics
* Pick up presents for Mom & Dad at great prices
* RSVP by November 11th for free food & drink (while it lasts)
* Dress up retro for bonus points and possible prizes!

Live to ride.

Styled to Suit the Modern Age

Styled to Suit the Modern Age

THESE NEW LUCAS "King of the Road" Cycle Accessories.

Found in an old copy of the CTC Gazette (Cyclists Touring Club of the United Kingdom). Volume 75, No. 11, November 1956. Part of a swap of a no-longer-required bicycle pump for some no-longer-required old magazines. Think we both ended up happy!

retro bicycle accessories

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