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Wheel Mount Bike Carrier

wheel mount bike carrier

    bike carrier
  • A bicycle carrier, also commonly called a bike rack, is a device attached to an automobile or bus for transporting bicycles.

  • A rack mounted on the rear of a motorhome to allow you to carry one or more bikes with you.

    wheel mount
  • (Wheel mounting) The attachment of a wheel on a hub

wheel mount bike carrier - Yakima Wheel

Yakima Wheel Fork Rooftop Fork Mount Wheel Holder

Yakima Wheel Fork Rooftop Fork Mount Wheel Holder

Yakima Wheel Fork Roof Rack allows for quick and easy mounting of front wheels to the top of the vehicle.
Holds one wheel securely
Quick release compatible, with secondary tabs
Integrated anti-spin device stabilizes wheel
Fits both round and square crossbars

Want to bring your bike on road trips but don't want to invest in an expensive top- or rear-mounted bike rack? Turn to the Yakima Wheel Fork holder, an affordable wheel rack that saves space inside your car without costing hundreds of dollars. The Wheel Fork does exactly what you'd expect--it holds your front wheel on the roof of your vehicle. As a result, you not only have more room for your gear, but you also keep much of the dirt outside where it belongs. The sturdy wheel holder--which folds down when not in use--offers such additional features as quick-release security tabs, an anti-spin device that stabilizes the wheel, and compatibility with round or square rooftop crossbars.

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Campagnolo 1010/b drilled rear dropouts

Campagnolo 1010/b   drilled rear dropouts

These "short" Campagnolo dropouts were factory drilled (for weight reduction). I had seen this on some Gios Torino bikes of the late 1970s but very few others.

But notice here there are also two additional holes (tapped for screws) seen extending above and below the usual raised flats surrounding the axle slot. These were intended for the Campagnolo "Portacatena" accessory which was introduced in 1977. This device which allowed a chain to be shifted onto a chain carrier loop beyond the smallest freewheel cog. Just a speedy way to hold the chain in position while changing wheels. Use of that Campagnolo accessory also required a small secondary shift lever to move the chain beyond the last cog. Intrusion of the chain carrier into the rear spacing also mandated use of a 5-speed freewheel rather than the usual 6-speed freewheels of the period.


April 17,1976, Me, My Iron Mistress, 1954 Schwinn Meteor & a Boneshaker on the back bumper...

April 17,1976, Me, My Iron Mistress, 1954 Schwinn Meteor & a Boneshaker on the back bumper...

Easy way to transport my oldies on my first auto- voiture. Beats paying for parking!
Camera: 1918 Kodak Brownie(Granny's)...
1930 Model A Ford Standard coupe purchased 2-22-73..$800.00 (sigh)
Spare tire well for side mount did yeoman service as driver side bike carrier,
and I tucked the big wheel inside the rear spare and outside the tail light(s).
'34 Ford wheels..16", got replaced by the proper 19" 's a couple years on...
Sold 'er in '89...(sniff)$3,400.00...

wheel mount bike carrier

wheel mount bike carrier

Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Model #1041-GH

Rapid Reel Model 1041-GH Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel. Constructed of diecast aluminum, and painted in an attractive bronze powder coat finish which looks great with many finishes. This versatile model can be mounted either parallel, or perpendicular to the wall. Includes heavy-duty, full-flow brass swivel, rubber inlet hose, and mounting hardware. The hose reel can be set up for either right hand or left hand operation. Backed by our industry leading 10YR Warranty, and unparalleled customer service.

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