Meals on wheels wisconsin : Precision measuring wheel

Meals On Wheels Wisconsin

meals on wheels wisconsin

  • A state in the northern US that borders on lakes Superior (in the northwest) and Michigan (in the east); pop. 5,363,675; capital, Madison; statehood, May 29, 1848 (30). Ceded to Britain by the French in 1763 and acquired by the US in 1783 as part of the former Northwest Territory, it was the site of the Black Hawk War, the last armed Indian resistance to white settlement in the area, in 1832

  • a midwestern state in north central United States

  • Wisconsin is a U.S. state located in the north-central United States and is considered part of the Midwest. It is bordered by Minnesota to the west, Iowa to the southwest, Illinois to the south, Lake Michigan to the east, Upper Michigan to the northeast, and Lake Superior to the north.

  • a tributary of the Mississippi River in Wisconsin

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground

  • (wheel) a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)

  • Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine

  • (wheel) change directions as if revolving on a pivot; "They wheeled their horses around and left"

  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering

  • Any of the regular occasions in a day when a reasonably large amount of food is eaten, such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner

  • The food eaten on such an occasion

  • (meal) the food served and eaten at one time

  • (meal) coarsely ground foodstuff; especially seeds of various cereal grasses or pulse

  • (meal) any of the occasions for eating food that occur by custom or habit at more or less fixed times

meals on wheels wisconsin - Wisconsin State

Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin State Journal

Founded more than 160 years ago, the Wisconsin State Journal based in Madison, WI, is the state's official newspaper and a primary source of Wisconsin news, Wisconsin college and professional sports, and many other features. Widely read in Wisconsin, the newspaper also focuses on news and information about state government, as Madison is the capital. It is the second-largest newspaper in Wisconsin with a weekday circulation of about 90,000 and a Sunday circulation of more than 130,000. This publication covers topics ranging from politics, government, technology, business, health, sports, travel and style. Its Web site is part of the community portal,, and offers breaking news, analysis and opinion.

The Kindle Edition of the Wisconsin State Journal contains articles found in the print edition, but will not include some images and tables. Also, some features such as the crossword puzzle, box scores and classifieds are not currently available. For your convenience, issues are automatically delivered wirelessly to your Kindle starting at 6:00 AM central time.

Kindle Newspapers are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when you're not wirelessly connected.This newspaper does not necessarily reflect the full print content of the publication.

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A Wisconsin badger cheerleader barks out a chant and holds a "RED" sign as she yearns for her football team to win.

Thanking Volunteers

Thanking Volunteers

Meals on Wheels Volunteer Breakfast, Two Rivers Senior Center, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

meals on wheels wisconsin

meals on wheels wisconsin

B is for Badger: A Wisconsin Alphabet (Discover America State By State. Alphabet Series)

The intriguing facts and faces, history and places of Wisconsin are revealed to readers young and old in B is for Badger: A Wisconsin Alphabet. From its leaders in fine arts and architecture (Georgia O'Keefe and Frank Lloyd Wright) to its pioneers in nature conservation (John Muir and Aldo Leopold), Wisconsin has been an influence on major movements in education, industry, and use of natural resources. Brought to life with lyric rhymes and expressive, original artwork, B is for Badger showcases for natives and visitors alike the splendors of Wisconsin.

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