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Ball Head Camera Tripod

ball head camera tripod

ball head camera tripod - Giottos VGR9264-M2C

Giottos VGR9264-M2C - 4-sec. Aluminum Tripod w/MH5400-656S ARCA Compatible QR Ballhead

Giottos VGR9264-M2C - 4-sec. Aluminum Tripod w/MH5400-656S ARCA Compatible QR Ballhead

Product Description: VGR Series Tripods are reverse structure tripods designed according to the Golden Ratio shown in Da Vinci's famous picture of the Vitruvian Man. Made from aluminum alloy with a higher molecular density using Forging Technology for more durability and strength! Product Details: Standard Tripod with an Extremely Small Folded Length! One leg w/the Center Column converts to a Full-sized Monopod! 3 Position Legs w/Twist Leg Locks Legs fold up 180 degrees to protect the Center Column & Ballhead Bubble levels on QR Ballhead Removable Retractable Hook Product Specifications: Folded 17.7, Min. Ht. 17.4, Max. Ht. w/o Ctr. Col. 54.8, Max. Ht. w/Ctr. Col. Extended 65, Weight. 4.3 lbs., Leg Diam. 28mm, Load Cap. 13 lbs. Monopod: Folded 33 Extended 67.2 Metal Spike and does not accept accessory feet!

83% (9)

The Tree Of Woe

The Tree Of Woe

Okay, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

Strobist info:
Shot with a Canon G10 in apeture priority at f3.5 built in flash triggering the sb-900 in SU-4 mode and the YN460's in slave mode.

SB-900 gelled with Lee Full Red
Left YN460 gelled with CTB
Right YN460 gelled with Window Green

All at 1/64th power

Oh G10 flash at -2/3 stop EV

Shown in frame;
Nikon D90
Nikkor 16-85 DX VR
GN-1 GPS and adapter cable
Apeture Remote Cable
Manfrotto 488RC0 Ball Head
Manfrotto 055B Tripod (20 Years Old!)
SC-28 Off-Camera Flash Cord
2x Yongnuo YN460 Flashes
Manfrotto 175F Justin clamp
Manfrotto 175 Clamp
Manfrotto 026 Unbrella Bracket
Giottos 1004 Mini-Ball head
Stroboframe Flash Shoe
Manfrotto Super Clamp
Manfrotto Magic Arm 143

Minor Adjustments in Lightroom and CS$

I think I went too far!

PS apologies to Joe McNally for stealing the name.

UPDATE: I took this photo as a joke and now it has more views than the rest of my stream combined!

New Ball Head

New Ball Head

My new toys arrived today. I was sick of using the Manfrotto Modo tripod (recommended to me by someone in the know...) as it's as good as a chocolate teapot.

This baby on the other hand, is something different altogether. The legs adjust to any angle required with the smooth quick release mechanism, the ball head is rated to 4.5kg, easily taking the bigma and e620 with peace of mind. Two of the 3 legs are foam coated for carrying over the shoulder, and after 2 hours of sitting in the garden photographing sparrows, I can safely say that this tripod and head combo are immense. ?45 well spent. Avoid the cheap manfrottos at this price, invest in something decent!

ball head camera tripod

ball head camera tripod

Cartoni HiDV1 Video Tripod System with HiDV Fluid Head, 75mm Ball Base, Supports 11.0 lbs

The Cartoni HiDV1 video tripod system consists of the HiDV fluid head, single-stage aluminum alloy tripod, mid-level spreader, rubber feet, and a soft case. HiDV Fluid Head The capable yet compact HiDV fluid head was designed specifically for use with compact high definition Mini-DV camcorders. Being physically small, yet recording much more detail created the need for an appropriately scaled fluid head which would provide smooth, jitter-free movements to simulate the inertial profile of larger, heavier cameras on larger heads. In addition, the HiDV has every other convenience one would expect from a studio-grade fluid head: dual rosettes, sliding balance plate, illuminated bubble level, and continuously variable true fluid drag and counterbalance. In contrast to its predecessor, the Focus fluid head, the HiDV features a 75mm leveling ball instead of 100mm in order to utilize lighter weight ENG tripods for greater agility in the field. Single-stage Aluminum alloy Tripod The Action-Pro single-stage aluminum alloy tripod combines superb torsional rigidity with the lightest weight possible specifically for run-and-gun ENG applications. It incorporates a fast-action stage clamping system with a safety lock, and when used in conjunction with the included mid-level spreader and rubber feet, payload integrity is ensured regardless of terrain.

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