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Best Celebrity Photo Sites

best celebrity photo sites

    photo sites
  • (Photo site) An image hosting service allows individuals to upload images to an Internet website. The image host will then store the image onto its server, and show the individual different types of code to allow others to view that image.

  • A celebrity (sometimes referred to as a celeb in popular culture) is a person who is easily recognized in a society or culture.

  • A famous person

  • The state of being well known

  • a widely known person; "he was a baseball celebrity"

  • fame: the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed

Kamakumba Cave, Wara-Wara Bafodia Chiefdom, Sierra Leone (West Africa) 1968

Kamakumba Cave, Wara-Wara Bafodia Chiefdom, Sierra Leone (West Africa) 1968

(Rough sketch map of the interior of the cave below) Photo taken February 6, 1968. The cave is approximately one mile north of the village of Kamakumba. The entrance (to the left on the map) runs just off a north-south line. The entrance is about 15 metres long and about one metre wide; the main part of the cave is perpendicular to the entrance and about 8 metres wide. The width of the main part of the main room in the cave is about 2.1 metres. The cave roof was covered with bats, which prevented me from getting an accurate measurement of the roof heights (estimates are in feet). (I had learned from an earlier experience not to disturb a cave full of bats.) A porcupine was living in a lower section of the cave ("A" on the map) which discouraged us from getting more accurate measurements of that part. The cave fill seems very rich (probably from bat dung); the front wall and the front part of the roof are damp while the back part is quite dry --- even powdery. The dividing line between the two is at the centre of the roof on an approximate east-west line. There were small insects --- probably beetles of some sort --- crawling over the floor of the cave and digging into it. A small test excavation was made at point "B" on the map to a depth of approximately 50 cm. There is a good layering of what appears to be organic material of various shades and consistencies which would sest that this might be an excellent site for paleobotanical and paleoecological studies. Organic materials are not usually preserved in this part of west Africa, but they are well-preserved here. Porcupine quills and a piece of wood were found in the test excavation at point "B" and organic materials were also found at a small test excavation at "C" on the map. Rock pieces were found in both tests, but none unambiguously artefactual. More extensive excavation of this site might yield cultural materials since caves in west Africa were often used for ritual activity, the storage of ritual paraphernalia, and also as hiding places during times of war.

Photo Journalism in a Rut

Photo Journalism in a Rut

96,319 items / 587,762 views

Al the photo journos were standing alert , ready to get the best shot of these cute poster boys at the Bandra Station Idd Namaz..

This was the ultimate goal, and later the Idd Hing picture , without the Idd Hing picture Idd Mubarak is totally incomplete.

This may be an editorial demand so I really dont blame the journos directing the kids to hug themselves.

On Parsi New Year day its a kiddy picture at Watcha Agiary at Fountain..

I mean cant these guys for once in their lives come up with something new and path breaking..

photo journalism
in amchi mumbai
on feast days
in a rut
kicks your gonads
hits you in the guts
shot by celebrity mutts
editorial demand
no ifs and buts
tattered school books
at demolished illegal huts
left behind slippers
at a fire site or an accident
shot by crazy nuts
with sleek high end cameras
with phallic lenses that jut
no 1 newspapers
a poor picture it cuts
adding to glitz and glut

best celebrity photo sites

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