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Celebrity photo retouching before after - Ritz photo development - Mirror photo frames

Celebrity Photo Retouching Before After

celebrity photo retouching before after

    before after
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  • (retouch) give retouches to (hair); "retouch the roots"

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  • Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception (in contrast to mere enhancement or correction), through analog or digital means.

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Before & After

Before & After

I just watched a video on youtube about how most celebrities now have their images retouched. And you do have to wonder about peoples awareness regarding photoshopping. I have recently discovered the joys of making my 'self-portraits' look prettier by using photoshop. And it's awesome, it really is. But I think it's also important to acknowledge when we touch up our vanity photos. I'm not very good at photoshop yet anyway, but even with my scant knowledge I can turn an average picture into something just a little better.

Left: Untouched (except for cropping)
Right: Photoshop



photoshop retouching of Piper Perabo, no special effects, just eanhancing photo that I found on Internet.
I sest view full size.

celebrity photo retouching before after

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