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Cheapest Photo Prints Uk - Photo Albums Wholesale.

Cheapest Photo Prints Uk

cheapest photo prints uk

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  • United Kingdom



These photos are too smiley for the UK passport service. (There's two different versions if you can spot them!) Luckily they'll be good for just about anything else.

Lit with one SB-800 (and ambient light!) +1EV off-axis with 1/2 CTO and photoshopped w/ high pass filter on overlay + colour adjustments

Cheap method of making your own passport photos:

a) Take a photo
b) Lay them out in Photoshop at passport size
c) Print a page of 6 at the boots instant kiosk for 39p (or wait 24hrs for 10p if you want)

Sunset over Eigg

Sunset over Eigg

This photo was taken by myself many moons ago with a cheap Praktica BCA 35mm SLR (which I still have and still works). The print had faded and become damaged over time and so I've tried to revive it using PS CS4, its not turned out too bad really.

The location for this shot was looking out over Loch Nan Ceall toward the Isle of Egg in Scotland.

Explored #244 - 20 Feb 2009

cheapest photo prints uk

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