Baby food jar crafts. Traveling with a newborn baby

Baby Food Jar Crafts

baby food jar crafts

    baby food
  • Baby food is any food, other than breastmilk or infant formula, that is made specifically for infants, roughly between the ages of four months to two years.

  • (Baby foods) Rice has highly digestible energy, net protein utilization, and low crude fiber content. Therefore, it is suitable for baby food. Although baby foods can be in the form of rice flour or granulated rice, precooked infant rice cereal is the most common use of rice for baby food.

  • Exercise skill in making (something)

  • (craft) make by hand and with much skill; "The artisan crafted a complicated tool"

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baby food jar crafts - Sure Lid

Sure Lid Lock-Seal Plastic Storage Containers * BPA Free, Leakproof, Waterproof Attached Hinged Flip-Top Lid with Lock Tab * 4 Ounce/Half Cup/118mL - 2 Per Pack

Sure Lid Lock-Seal Plastic Storage Containers * BPA Free, Leakproof, Waterproof Attached Hinged Flip-Top Lid with Lock Tab * 4 Ounce/Half Cup/118mL - 2 Per Pack

Sure Lid Lock-Seal Containers are unique - you don't have anything like them. They have an attached hinged lid with a lock tab to secure the lid to the base. These lids can't get lost. They also have graduated ounce and mL markings right on the side of the container - great for dieting portion control. Their convenient small size makes them the perfect choice for people on the go: lunchbox, diaper bag, breifcase, craft & sewing bins, tackle & tool boxes, camping gear, tailgating, coolers, backpacks and more. Pack the Perfect Lunch and save money- wide mouth, leakproof, waterproof, perfect for: yogurt, applesauce, baby food, gelatin, pudding, cottage cheese, condiments, dressings. Also great storage for craft & sewing supplies, toolbox, camping gear and fishing suppplies. Save time and money - don't waste time looking for lids or buying other containers because the lid is lost. Sure Lid Lock-Seal Containers are your One-Piece Storage Solution. Get Organized - Stay Organized.

82% (13)

Glass Jar Christmas Tree

Glass Jar Christmas Tree

We saw this at a party at the home of our realtor, Mario Romero. It was made by his partner Lewis's father out of glass baby food jars filled with tinsel and colored lights. I just had to get a photo of it and just happened to have a little camera with me.

Coincidentally, tonight is our four-year anniversary of moving to Phoenix into the house that we bought through Mario. Fancy that.

Hope you're having a happy holiday season!

snowman side

snowman side

This guy is ready for a night on the town.

baby food jar crafts

baby food jar crafts

Plastic Jar With Convenient Screw-top Lid Holds Liquids Or Small Parts, 2 oz. Size (Lot/20)

This 2 ounce jar is useful in the kitchen, workshop or business and can be used for storage of a variety of items from liquids to solids and from foods to paints. It is made of sturdy, chemical and impact resistant plastic and the screw-on white metal cap has a leakproof liner. The jar measures 1-3/4 in diameter and is 2-3/8 high. It is inexpensive and ready to solve your storage problems. Please Note: These may be transparent, translucent or opaque depending on the factory run. This offer includes 20 new storage jars. Be sure to visit our National Artcraft Storefront to see more related items AND hundreds more products that fit all your craft, art and hobby needs!!! We have the creative component you need!!!

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