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[pula punk] Sick crap

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Sick Crap - 2016 - Wasted Kids V0

01. Pula Hardcore 01:30
02. Love Song 01:50
03. Fuck Authority 01:09
04. Wasted Kids 01:17
05. Ne! 01:49
06. Surf,Skate,Beer,Hardcore Punk! 02:34
07. Not Like You 03:01
08. Our Regan Has Boobs 01:29
09. Crowd Surfing 00:28
10. Skate Song pt.2 01:39
11. Sick Crap ft. Shadow Mc aka Branko Sjena (War Track,Def Left Hip-Hop Productions) - Where Are We? 02:46
12. Azione 01:19

Sick Crap "Wasted Kids" 2nd Album
Listen Loud!Hardcore Punk!

released March 16, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Jule (Anti Otpad, Eluj, Bolesno Grinje) in "Grobnica"...Thank you bro!
Mastered by Hrvoje Pasmaters...Thank you bro!

Thanx to : Aljo Pasmaters for getting into the "Love Song" , Pejn for wasted laughing,Cile,Mile,Boki,Matija for being part of "Wasted Kids" , Jule(Anti Opad,Eluj,Bolesno Grinje) for singing intro and outro in "Ne" ,Shadow Mc aka Branko Sjena for song "Where Are We? ", ˇare,Boki Sick,Vladi Pasmaters and Cile ˇmanjana Dica for getting involved in "Azione" vocals...Feel free to buy them beers!

Thanx to Nadan Sarvan and Domagoj Rebrnjak for covers art !!!Feel free to buy them beers!!!

Thanx to all our fans,friends,girls,sis and bros for support and if we have forgotten someone please let us know so we can mention you here haha
tags: beer hardcore punk punk surf skate hardcore punk hardcore punk surf skate hardcore punk Pula

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