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A story about being free


cooperate, take your chance and cooperate! Let gorillas crash you on the floor with your face down, just cooperate... let a mad dog hit you in a head with a torch, twenty times, at least, let him do it, he's the one with gun and uniform, he's here to protect you and serve... let him dig your eyeball, break your nose and teeth, he's here to provide democracy and your freedom... and bleed, bleed and cooperate... let the 250 lbs ape sit on your body and break your ribs, let and bleed, bleed and cooperate, for God's sake cooperate, and don't breathe, you don't have to, just cooperate... bleed from your mouth and nose, and let the blood out, you won't need it anymore anyway... and please don't scream, just rattle, rattle and cooperate, you can make it... let your soul leave you and fly up to the sky, far away from you, make yourself free...

R.I.P. Kelly Thomas

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