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Classification according in the direction of essential type of clothing

Basic type of clothes dependent for the framework and circumstance classificationbelstaff , could possibly be summarized as plan typelike belstaff jacket , style, sort and mixed sort three.belstaff coats
1. Plan type
Type of clothes is in collection using the individual plan shape, framework clothing, originated although in the boreal regions. The basic sort of clothes donned coat and downloading the type is divided into two parts. Coat and plan chest, Xiang Jing, adapted type in the arm; downloading is in collection using the waist, hip, leg shape, with pants, skirt-type-based. Cutting, sewing additional precise, focusing on clothes also to the principal impact of contour shape. Just like plan suits, typically type.
2. Design type
Style sort clothes are loose, develop the kind of cloth covering the body, and originated although in the tropical regions of the clothes style. This garment is not rigidly adhering in the direction of body's shape, the additional getting free, slicing and sewing treatment to some easy principal impact in the plane.
3. Hybrid framework in the clothes is mixed boreal and tropical style-type body-type integrated, mixed although in the kind of each the qualities in the two, reduce a easy planar structure, however the individual plan since the center, the essential rectangular form, just like Chinese language program cheongsam Japanese kimono and so on..

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