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Infinity Winter Tyres - Gateway Buckshot Tires - National Tyres Taunton

Infinity Winter Tyres

infinity winter tyres

    winter tyres
  • Tyres which are constructed using special compounds for use in more severe winter conditions including temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius. Often, these include multiple blades or sipes for greater grip in more slipy conditions.

  • A tire (in American English) or tyre (in British English) is a ring-shaped covering that fits around a wheel rim to protect it and enable better vehicle performance by providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock while keeping the wheel in close contact with the ground.

  • Cold Weather Tyres: When temperatures fall below 7 degrees the rubber on tyres becomes harder which can mean difficult handling may occur, these tyres work well in temperatures below 7 degrees hence the name. For more information see our detailed explanation on winter tyres

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New bike day!

WMD passed this on to me to get it out of his garage, I just had to find a couple key pieces and build it up.

18" Tange Double butted Infinity tubing
7spd XT SIS thumbs / XT derailleurs
170mm 300LX 26.36.46 cranks
Odyssey Magnesium pedals
Ritchey Logic headset
Tioga Avenger stem
Steel North Road bars
Yeti Grips
Dia Compe Canti brakes
IRC 26x1.5" front tire
Advocet 26x1.9" rear tire

I've got it set up right now for Wifey's little sis to ride around Manhattan.. but soon it will be set up for winter trails

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

I went to the 2009 Canadian International Autoshow today and took some pictures. When I came home and uploaded the pictures to my PC I found out that I had taken a total of 644 shots! And that excludes Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, Infinity, Cadillac, VW, Chrysler and few more, because after three hours I was just too tired to continue.

Anyway, this is a picture of Aston Martin and I think Austin Martin is probably the coolest car brand! British cars just have so much character and I love that!

(Exposure blending. Toronto, ON; winter 2009.)

infinity winter tyres

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