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Online Tires Stores

online tires stores

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365-80 Can't stop yaaaaawwwwww...

365-80 Can't stop yaaaaawwwwww...

Ah, Valentine's Day. It's good that my wife and I never really got into this day, or today would have really hurt.

Instead, I bought the second-most expensive piece of camera equipment I've ever owned (most expensive--my first DSLR, the 20D, because I bought it new).

Then I posted an ad on Craigslist and sold another lens within an hour to a very nice, if very talkative old man.

Then I got a haircut.

Then I went to the Rec Center and walked on the indoor track for half an hour.

Then I went to the computer store to try and sort out my memory mess, but decided that was no help, so I went online to Crucial and bought their "guaranteed to work" memory. We'll see.

And then sometime right before dinner, I started yawning and just couldn't stop. This is one of the last ones, taken while giving the kid a bath.

So, overall, I'd have to say it was one of the more constructive and successful Valentine's Days that I've ever had.

You know, so long as I ignore the the rather large elephant in the room.

Languageless Love Checkmated

Languageless Love Checkmated

dog distempered
most hated
online love
criss cross
server cannot be found
page cannot be displayed
comments not posting
on her heart a thought
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shia thugged
prometheus bound
to testicular chains
tired words
in my brain
immaculate conception
no copulation
unfinger fucked created
poem hunter scalped
bare assed broken commandments
biblically unslated
number of hits on her trembling door
racial profiling a cause and effect
black and white King Queen Knave
a pictorial Pawn checkmated
thoughts spilling from a broken water pump
on web green lawns
a thirst insatiated
language less love
ungrammatical hope
one sided unsoporific
silence untranslated

poem no 684

online tires stores

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