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Fast Cooking Games Online

fast cooking games online

    games online
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January Full Moon Dream Board

January Full Moon Dream Board

Last year I decided to take a note from my friends Chris and Jolie, and set some goals for my year. I accomplished most of them, but realized this year I needed some kind of visual to keep me inspired. I set my goals at the end of December and have spent the month formulating them into a few distinct categories. The end of the month full moon was perfect timing to create this special "dream board".

I decided to make prayer flags, each with a symbol of a set of goals.
From L to R:

Morocco: paying off debt, saving money, freedom to travel (first stop Morocco).

"Quest or Pilgrimage": one my writing heroes, Zinsser, said "Any time you can tell your story in the form of a quest or pilgrimage, you'll be ahead of the game." I want to have my writing published in three more places this year. So far, I am in cahoots with Rachelle and just found out that the online magazine I write for will be put out a print edition, which I may very well be in. I kinda want to pee my pants a little :)

The Tree: I traced the painting of a good friend of mine who is drawing my tattoo. I've talking about getting one for so long, I need to just do it. The tree symbolized strength and will be on my left arm. We are using her painting as the inspiration for it.

Twenty-five: I made a little book out of the pages of my journal. Last year I set the goal to read 50 books. I feel a few short and this year I'm school full-time. So my goal for the year is 25 books outside of school related reading. I'll probably read more than 50 at that rate, but I'll be more focused on actually reading outside of the school world.

An Onion: I love to cook! Onions are my favorite ingredients. I want/need to start my food blog and improve my skills as a chef. I also have tons of food sensitivities that I want to use as a springboard for creativity instead of a hurdle to get depressed about.

Yoga: my health is fine, but I my Vitamin D is dangerously low, I'm still having migraines and my body gets tired so fast I usually only last until wednesday. I need to allow my self the time to be healthy and grounded this year.

fast cooking games online

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