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Diamond Bracelet Watch - Caravelle By Bulova Chronograph - Watch Men In Black.

Diamond Bracelet Watch

diamond bracelet watch

  • watchband: a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist

  • jewelry worn around the wrist for decoration

  • A bracelet is an article of jewelry which is worn around the wrist. Bracelets can be manufactured from leather, cloth, hemp, plastic or metal, and sometimes contain rocks, wood, and/or shells.

  • An ornamental band, hoop, or chain worn on the wrist or arm

  • Handcuffs

  • rhombus: a parallelogram with four equal sides; an oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram

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  • a small portable timepiece

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  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty

Tag Heuer Diamond Bracelet Completed

Tag Heuer Diamond Bracelet Completed

Tag Heuer steel bracelet immediately after selectively gold plating links.

Tag Heuer Bracelet

Tag Heuer Bracelet

Diamond encrusted Tag Heuer bracelet prior to refinishing in 18k gold.

diamond bracelet watch

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