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Watching Boxing Online - Swiss Army Titanium Chronograph - Watch Free New Hindi Movie.

Watching Boxing Online

watching boxing online

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I will take a pic somewhere other than in this bedroom soon. Honest. And I can at least now because my camera plate arrived today which means I can use my tripod again (Thanks Ben).

Today was a nice quiet day. My favourite bit was chatting to Ben online for a couple of hours. I also wrote out a realistic to do list and made a start on it. Got a fair few things I need to sort out before I shoot off again. Finances and the future and that. I'm trying to get them in order. It's tiring stuff. And I'm still a sneezy snotty mess so I'm enjoying a night with the pup watching the box. Lovely.

box portagioie

box portagioie

Box realizzato completamente a mano.
Scatolina fatta con cartoncino Bazzil

watching boxing online

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