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American Lawyer Summer Associate Survey - Lawyers Online - Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyer.

American Lawyer Summer Associate Survey

american lawyer summer associate survey

    summer associate
  • An associate attorney is a lower-level employee of a traditional law firm who does not hold an ownership interest as a partner.

    american lawyer
  • The American Lawyer is a monthly law magazine published by ALM. It was founded in 1979 by Steven Brill.

  • Investigate (behavior or opinions) by questioning a group of people

  • a detailed critical inspection

  • look over carefully or inspect; "He surveyed his new classmates"

  • consider in a comprehensive way; "He appraised the situation carefully before acting"

  • (of a person or their eyes) Look carefully and thoroughly at (someone or something), esp. so as to appraise them

  • Investigate the opinions or experience of (a group of people) by asking them questions

Summer Associate Portrait

Summer Associate Portrait

Shot this headshot for my fiance's law school classmate. Most law firms seem to ask for a portrait for all their summer associates; I'm guessing most don't go this overboard.

Strobist info: 2 SB-800's, one @ 1/2 w/ STO from high right for key, second into Lumiquest softbox @ 1/4 from left for fill.

OCC Summer Associate VISTAs at JCU

OCC Summer Associate VISTAs at JCU

Ohio Campus Compact Summer Associate VISTAs Catherine Distelrath (left) and Melissa Bresnahan spent eight weeks working in the John Carroll University garden. Produce from the garden is donated to the Heights Emergency Food Pantry.

american lawyer summer associate survey

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