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Photo Shoot Stylist

photo shoot stylist

    photo shoot
  • A photo shoot is generally used in the fashion industry, whereby a model poses for a photographer at a studio where multiple photos are taken to find the best ones for the required brief.

  • (Stylists) A barber (from the Latin barba, "beard") is someone, most often male, whose occupation is to cut any type of hair, and to shave or trim the beards of men. The place of work of a barber is generally called a barbershop, or simply the "barber's"

  • A hairdresser

  • A designer of fashionable styles of clothing

  • A person whose job is to arrange and coordinate food, clothes, etc. in a stylish and attractive way in photographs or films

  • hairdresser: someone who cuts or beautifies hair

  • an artist who is a master of a particular style

Hot!Couture photo shooting

Hot!Couture photo shooting

Ecco i gioielli creati per la Collezione presentata da Sara di Salvo il 10 luglio 2010 a Roma.
Hot!Couture 2010 Campaign/Sara Di Salvo
Photographer: Marco D'Amico
Jewel photo shoot: Roberta Aiello
Campaign Management: Romina Toscano for DModa Management
Models: Nicoletta, Giorgia, Luca, Laura A., Laura M., Noemi.
MUA: Monica Melis
Hair stylist: Barbara Fiorenza
Shoes: Riccardo Rizieri
Jewels&Accessories: La bottega di Medusa
Luogo: Rome July 2010

behind the scenes photo shoot #1

behind the scenes photo shoot #1

behind the scenes of the photo shoot for Miss Hayley Rocks Scrabble necklaces
model: Holly Young
stylist / director: Miss Hayley Rocks

photo shoot stylist

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