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Capital Investment Advisors. Industrial Credit And Investment

Capital Investment Advisors

capital investment advisors

    investment advisors
  • (investment advisor) investment adviser: someone who advises others how to invest their money

  • (investment advisor) An individual or organization entrusted with conserving and managing assets. Also called a portfolio manager.

  • (investment advisor) A broad term used to describe a professional who is selected to manage investments, usually regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • (of an offense or charge) Liable to the death penalty

  • Of greatest political importance

  • Of or relating to wealth

  • assets available for use in the production of further assets

  • wealth in the form of money or property owned by a person or business and human resources of economic value

  • first-rate; "a capital fellow"; "a capital idea"

Bruce Kaurmann, Kaufmann Capital Advisors

Bruce Kaurmann, Kaufmann Capital Advisors

What a great guy. We had a great conversation, befor the show. His company helps business owners make their businesses attractive for investment money. He advises them on how to improve their offering. See:

100 0240

100 0240

Mr Mashate and tha Baron
Mr. mashate is a very intelligent and experience Legal advisor.

capital investment advisors

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