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Western Hockey League Salaries

western hockey league salaries

    hockey league
  • a league of hockey teams

  • European Trophy (previously named Nordic Trophy between 2006 and 2009) is a pre-season ice hockey tournament, traditionally composed of ten teams from the highest-level ice hockey leagues in Sweden and Finland when the tournament was named "Nordic Trophy".

  • (salary) a fixed amount of money paid to a worker, usually measured on a monthly or annual basis, not hourly, as wages. Implies a degree of professionalism and/or autonomy; To pay on the basis of a period of a week or longer, especially to convert from another form of compensation

  • A salary is a form of periodic payment from an employer to an employee, which may be specified in an employment contract. It is contrasted with piece wages, where each job, hour or other unit is paid separately, rather than on a periodic basis.

  • Pay a salary to

  • (salary) wage: something that remunerates; "wages were paid by check"; "he wasted his pay on drink"; "they saved a quarter of all their earnings"

  • Situated in the west, or directed toward or facing the west

  • Living in or originating from the west, in particular Europe or the U.S

  • (of a wind) Blowing from the west

  • a film about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and development

  • a sandwich made from a western omelet

  • relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts; "the Western world"; "Western thought"; "Western thought"

2009 City Manager Salaries

2009 City Manager Salaries

Bay Area News Group database of 2009 city manager salaries in the Bay Area.

western hockey league salaries

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