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However continued loss of the months and years

I think those worthy of life is not worth all the memories of past events recalled again, ready to forget them.

However, how willing?

The most bitter, bitter but Union decided not by; most difficult in the world, but gone to turn around.

However continued loss of the months and years, you'll blame me? 

Do not know how many of the night, trance an illusion

"City of Sufi dancing with strangers over color, thin clouds, one rain leakage, dreaming dreams, all hit by a rippling light rain, the lack of a warm, I'm so cold.

Youth in my eyes, the cast of a lonely figure.

Blink of an eye, had a really fast ....

Andante, finally, it will complete, in conclusion, we have to hold the fading years. Live in yesterday's situation. Today's end, could find no further back to the music of a song a little bit yesterday. Only the useful life of the brilliant, honour the lost youth.

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