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Cleaning Candle Wax Off Glass

cleaning candle wax off glass

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Crystal Shards

Crystal Shards

nothing like a tango with a lampshade.

this was a candle i purchased in a dollar shop. it was a champane glass with the green sand, brown flower, and green gel wax. it fell off a shelf and went splat. stayed like that for ages. ages. until finally i decided to clean it up, it never occurred to me to photograph it. so i nearly strapped the floor lamp to my back, and went at it.

Wip All Glued

Wip All Glued

This is done on a recyled wood panel , (not sure what off)This is 55cm by 30cm. Glass gems, ball chain, fused glass, plate tesserea, stained glass , glass pebbles, glass rod, beads, ceramic flower. A day of drying and cleaning, and then some nice terricotta grout. Thinking of doing the dress' with different colour grout.Have changed the red earrings to green .

cleaning candle wax off glass

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