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7 months old baby feeding schedule : Baby sitting prices.

7 Months Old Baby Feeding Schedule

7 months old baby feeding schedule

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Beak feeding on the church

Beak feeding on the church

I took this picture from the "park of the river" in Soto del Real (Madrid, Spain) using a Kodak z712is. I was shooting the storks on the church's roof when I noticed one mother feeding its child and centered the image trying to get a better image. The original, at 7Mp shows more detail. Not good enough, but I hadn't a tripod at hand (nor the K20D with the 250mm zoom and 2x teleconverter) and the moment was too ephemeral to experiment. Considering the circumstances it was a rather good and lucky shot!

Flipping heck!!!! Have i got to get up again to feed you?????

Flipping heck!!!! Have i  got to get up again to feed you?????

just stopped to look at these ponies and there babies again this morning
caught this one just getting up to feed newborn arrrhhh!!!!
this was shot from a distance again so not to spook them so quite like the focus on it

7 months old baby feeding schedule

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