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Baby Stuff Blog

baby stuff blog

    baby stuff
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Day Thirty Nine

Day Thirty Nine

So I was trying to decide which picture to post as I liked them both which is when Brandi suggested making a diptych (is that the correct term? Firefox thinks it's in the dictionary so I'll go with it).

She woke up a couple times last night, no repeat performance of the sleeping through the night. Also this morning she waited to wake up until Brandi got up again. She was pretty growly all morning. Today however I think it's her bowels. I dunno if it's the whole new food thing or what but I decided to give her prunes again with breakfast. She crabbed it up all morning until we went on a walk.

I got a cheque in the mail from work. Finance apparently *still* has my old address despite me complaining about it to them when my paternity leave stuff went to the wrong place. It got sent back to finance who then just mailed it to my office who then mailed it to know I thought I was all direct deposit, I wonder what happened.

Anyways we went for a walk so I could deposit the cheque. We also walked up to the sandwich place and grabbed a salami, roasted red pepper, edam cheese, and pesto mayo sandwich...mmmmm and headed back home. As we got close to home Isobel started sleeping and I kept having to say her name to keep her awake. I also crossed the street at a street corner and got yelled at by a garbage man who asked me what I was doing? Uh crossing where I was supposed to. You were far enough away that you wouldn't hit me, what are you doing? Crazy drivers.

Got home and put Isobel down for a nap. She slept until I was about to finish my conversation with Brandi reporting she was on her way home. We played until she got home.

Brandi had cooked us up some chicken stew yesterday using Robyn's recipie we stole after going on our camping trip last year and baked up some scissor rolls. It was bath night and just us Snow's in the tub as Brandi had showered earlier. Brandi vacuumed and washed the lino in our apartment since Isobel's been crawling around on it and it hasn't been done in a while.

Isobel had a rough time going down again which I'm hoping means another sleep through. We'll see.

I even got to play some GTA4, I completed probably 4 missions before bed time. I try not to play it when Isobel's up and about as it's pretty violent. We're going to try and limit the amount of violence she watches (honestly try and limit the amount of time she uses the TV for entertainment) but not be as weird about the sex and nudity (oh man, just writing that will probably get me a pile of hits now) so much.

Baby stuff,

Baby stuff,

This are some things I bought from one of my cat-blog friend Hanna. She is making baby stuff and clothes. Her cats are named Esther and Bosse, her baby brand is named after her cats ;)

baby stuff blog

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