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Rota Racing Wheels

rota racing wheels

    racing wheels
  • (Racing wheel) A racing wheel is the preferred method of control for use in driving simulators. They are usually packaged with a large paddle styled as a steering wheel, along with a set of pedals for gas, brake, and sometimes clutch actuation, as well as various shifter controls.

  • A list showing when each of a number of people has to do a particular job

  • (Roman Catholic Church) the supreme ecclesiastical tribunal for cases appealed to the Holy See from diocesan courts

  • The supreme ecclesiastical and secular court of the Roman Catholic Church

  • a roster of names showing the order in which people should perform certain duties

  • In Norse mythology, Rota is a valkyrie. Rota is attested in chapter 36 of the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning, where she is mentioned alongside the valkyries Gunnr and Skuld, and the three are described as "always [riding] to choose who shall be slain and to govern the killings."Faulkes (1995:31).

My new Buddy Club P1 Racing Wheels

My new Buddy Club P1 Racing Wheels

Just recieved my Buddy Club P1's so far im the only one ive seen with this color on Honda-tech... they weigh 11 lbs a piece and i have Buddy Club Light Weight Lugs too for now and Muteki Neo Chrome Titanium ones on order :D

ROTA Torque Drift

ROTA Torque Drift

Not everyday you find a suitable wheel for a TVR. We did though. Gunmetal Rota Torque Drift in 18''.

rota racing wheels

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