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R.O.W. Skateboards on WEB

R.O.W. is a small skateboard company run by skateboarders and friends from Dravograd (Slovenia) who are stupid enough to not leave everything behind and get a real job. What you’ll see on our site has been existing and growing for a couple of years now and the official establishment of the company does not mean that we want to get as much money as possible out of you… it means we want you to contribute as much money you think it is enough to support what we stand for. You’ll never see us driving an expensive sports car, wearing brand new 80 euro shoes or a 40 euro T-shirt. We are quite happy with our fucked up clothes, torn shoes and a sandwich for lunch. We can ensure you that every euro earned with this company is going straight back into skateboarding (building ramps, bowls, skate spots and more). We live like this because we can’t imagine living any other way. It’s not a trend or an egotrip… we are fucking punk rock kids who are willing to put our boards aside, grab a shovel and help creating something useful and beautiful…. Even though the beauty of wooden ramps and concrete shapes is endless, where does the real beauty lie? In friendship and in all the ups and downs it brings. You can find all the crap we do on our web page but it is impossible to describe what we feel when doing all these things and when we skate… without all this things we would be dead by now…still walking the streets but dead inside and physically exhausted from alcohol and the daily routine. Some of you out there know what we`re talking about… and for all the others we have a little advice… FUCK TRICKS AND COMPETITION!!! If you don’t enjoy skateboarding (including hard work that it brings) and sharing it with your friends then FUCK IT ALL! Remember that this is not a beauty contest. Pass the stage and go down the stairs… way down… you will find us there skating, drawing, playing sloppy punk rock, organizing d.i.y. concerts or doing an expo for some crazy artists, building ramps, enjoying a picnic , making plans for a road trip, respecting each other as persons and friends, writing and picking out photos for zines, editing some d.i.y. as fuck skate videos, helping to build a bowl, tattooing, printing t-shirts, patches or stickers, drinking beer (or wine if we are having a crisis), stealing material for ramps, annoying local assholes, wrestling, kissing each others balls and dicks……I should probably stop now. Anyway, if you want to get to know us in person, contact us and we can hook up for a drunken vert session and a barbeque or we’ll just use you and you’ll have to work like a slave all day. But there is still going to be a barbeque though… See you fuckers!


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