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Neuroskeptic: Tickling Rats for Science

Neuroskeptic: Tickling Rats for Science

“He referred to it as tickling, but it was more like stroking, caressing.## She estimated they played the game about 40 times. The woman said she never told anyone what Gibbs was doing because “I wasn#t supposed to. It was a secret.## ...

She cannot know, I think to myself, that it#s just a ghost that#s tickling her. That one day in a time beyond my time, a life beyond my life, a world beyond my world all I will be is a ghost. A tattered picture, a faded memory, ...

So the director taught him how to tickle his amygdala. “Close your eyes,” he said, “and picture, in your temples, friendly, happy, fuzzy, buzzing bees. Cute bees. Bees with cartoony smiles and no stingers. ...

The Guild challenge for 2009 is “What Tickles Your Fancy“. I can#t say that this theme has captured my imagination but sometimes you have to press on regardless. So here are the start of some tickle feathers… tickle.

After much tickling (ten rats for five days at ten minutes per day), they did indeed find a pretty strong correlation between tickle-liking and hippocampal neurogenesis. What does this mean? Hard to say. The problem is that rates of ...

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