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Avril Lavigne Featured On Charity Poster!

Evo pogledajte Charty Poster na kojem je naravno Avril =)

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Avril Lavigne radi sa Justinom Timberlakeom
na njegovu novu albumu???

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In an Interview given to Oxfordnews, Justin Timberlake declared that his next albul will take a while to be lauched, since he is centered now on his acting career, but said his fans would be surprised with his new album.

Justin said he wants some people in his new record, like: Timbaland, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Amy Winehouse and Avril Lavigne. He said he wants to change his visual a bit and will be soon start negotiating with those artists.

We should remember there were rumors about a possible album being launched in the end of 2009 or first week of January 2010, the same time Avril Lavigne's new album will be launched.

p.s-Nadam se da Vam se sviša moj novi design,puno zahvaljujem Kate Moss na dizajnu...

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