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People always leave... but some stay forever

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Napisala je pjesmu za svog prijetalje... za svog malog anđela koji joj je ostavio veliki otisak na srcu. Koji joj je pokazao kako se gleda u dušu kroz ples.... Hvala mu za to. Alex ovo je za tebe:-)

-Angel with damaged wings-

Brown hair, brown eyes, cute smile...
when he enters the room you see a special,
rhythm on everthing he does.
The ones that really understnad him,
can see his soul, his wounds.
The ones that don't...they see a
boy that just loves to dance and move
to the music...but he is
everything but not that!

An angel that has real wings but
can'T use them, he doesn't know how.
He's too confused, too much pain lies
in his heart. His soul is searching
for the right way. He's afraid of
letting go, of showing the world
how big artist he is.

The thing that feeds his heart and
his soul is music. Every beat he
hears... he can put it in his dance.
He only needs to let it go. He needs
to let his heart tell its story. He's
afraid that people will see the real
him if he dances this way. But
people are not that clever...
The ones that understand him are
not watching because they are, dancing
their own story... and the ones that
are watching can't understand what
he is trying to say.

He has too much words that lie inside
of him... he wears a mask to hide his
wounds.But he really would like to let it
all out... and he is frightened.
He's trying to speak but words aren't
coming out...he's numb.His wings
are broken.

There's only one step that he has to take
and he will fly... the wings will then
be open.He needs to feel it with his
whole ody and soul not push it all
inside. Just close your eyes, look
inside your heart and let the music
lead you. He can do it... he is
doing it but he doesn't even know it.

A personthat can make that beautiful
pictures, that your heart bounces.
His work just leaves you breathless...
and he says that he's not an artist.
But, he is so much mroe than that.

Everything that he does has a special
meaning... like he's writing a poetry.
His art i his pulse, his heartbeats,
his breathing. But he puts so much energy
in it... but only if nobody sees his
work. He helds all his art hidden
But if you knew him only a little bit...
you would know why this is.

He has so little confidence in himself,
in his work, his dance... he thinks
he's nothing special.
And he doesn't know that he's an
inspiration, that he is an angel
that walks the earth.

He showed the language of the dance,
an expression in movement... he makes
and gives everything a rhythm.
He is like a never-ending inspiration...
he doesn't need to talk - just dance and
he can say so much without taking any words.

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