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I don't believe in the extinction of species...
My investigations of late have shown that some of these so-called 'extinct' animals are simply living under changed names... They'd moved away and assumed new identities.
Our civilization is a series of broken marriages, this should be no surprise...
Partners have long grown apart, and not only sexually. It is only normal that kids and animals should be looking for new habitats to colonize.
If you take a Greenland whale and cut his belly open, you'll learn that many fish find it very homely in there.
I have a picture at home of a Great Blue Heron with an eel in its beak.
I took it half a second before the eel was gone out of sight.
It's all in that half-a-second.
Half a second later one animal has disappeared inside another and was undetectable to the naked eye.
That's how it works.
Two become one, or move into fractions, and mess with our calculus.
It is common fact that that the most amazing creatures walk in our streets daily, and especially at night. We're just never at the window at the right time.

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