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... It's to late to apologize ...

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I'm standing on the edge
and looking down on my life...
pain speaks from the inside.
My heart is broken and
my soul has no more strength
to go on like this.
I've put my past behind me
but people opened it over and over again...
like they are killing me on purpose.
I'm trying to move on,
but everytime I think I've got it...
something pulls me back.

My wings are broken, like my will
and everything that comes from my inside
is silence...
The day I decided to love,
was the day I decided to die!
I'm trying to speak but words won't come out...
I'm trying to scream but my voice is gone.
I needed you like the heart needs to beat...
I loved you like an addict loves his drug.
But it's to late to apologize!

My leader was my heart and it expired,
and I died with him...
So the person that is standing here
and smiling
is the new me.
I'm fine now, I moved on,
the experiences made me stronger,
made my heart resistant to pain.
I found my place now, and you are not in it
there is no space for you in my life...
My soul and my life are being lead
by the one thing that will never leave me...
That was always my destiny, my way
but I've found it just now
and I'm taking it... alone
And the funnyest thing is that I'm not afraid,
not anymore.

I have scars, but they don't hurt no more,
they are my inspiration.
They are now my music
on which I'm dancing my story...
my life!

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