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Well, well, well...

What a strange coincidence, I say!
I was just writing a lettter, high from the sky, some thoughts to you, my dearest Countess of Bavaristan, Lady Olga, at the same time when you put your noble fingers at the keyboard and wrote your precious comments. Blue blood is not water, may I say!
Then just allow me to put them here, instead of expediting them via our gracoius Royal Pidgeon Mail Service to your private courts. You will indeed notice my great affection and influence in writing style from my last destination. Here it goes...

Dear Olga,

I am sitting comfortably at the back seat (First Class, or course) of the aircraft of Hrvatistan Hava Yolari (Croatia Airlines), travelling back to our beloved Gruezistan from yet another exciting trip - Makedonya! As the plane was flying over Al Munikh and Bavaristan, it immediately evoked very fond memories of you, Grand Dutchess, and your Imam-I-Nemam Sheikh Deanowitsch of Oktoberfest.
As you can imagine - sitting, doing nothing and just enjoying being in the presence of our fellow tribe members of that fairly far and remote Swiss Canton, was all but boring. Needless to say, from my very first stepping into the des(s)ert tent of His Immense Curlyness Abu Rossy Frizura Mashallah, there was absolutely not a single quiet and peacefull moment - so common in our home of Alpesia. (imagine, now flying quite low directly over The Old Villa of Antiques...)
As usual, that extraordinary magical place instantly opens even the most frozen Western hearts (yes, also the Swiss ones have been reported to be affected!). Many memorable meetings with that lovely people, many unpaid overtime hours of hugging, very many very late night talks followed by, naturally, late morning awakings. But it doesn't seem to be something of a problem or an issue at all, even for those who are "working"...
Let me not forget the uncomparable Macedonian Haut Cuisine a la Tetka Vera, accompanied by inevitable family "love and joy spreading" stories. Last night she even shortly came to the above mentioned desert tent and, while leaving, showed off some of her rich repertoire of greetings, followed by the well known hand and palm gestures, which brought many eye witnesses to the very edge of a serious heart atttack...
Although this sounds like just a long introduction to the description of real happenings, I believe this letter will have to be concluded now, since my grey cells are not ready to process more at the moment. Well, I sincerely hope that your own memories will be of a great help while reading these words.
Friday is the start of what seems to be unforgettable journey to one more glorious former collony - India. Therefore, allow me to express you already now my best Royal wishes for the prosperous new year, filled with better air condition for rotten cabbage filters.

I hope we will meet before my definite move to the Northern Provinces of the river Rhine.

With my deepest affection


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