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(~colddanfeettan dA)

Their tulle dresses

Yes the awakening in orange curtains

Greyness of the new day

Invites itself over the metal windowsills

'God's lioness

How one we grow-

Pivot of heels and knees!'

You endorse every night

My fragile reality

There is so much of you

That I don't know where you come from

I am sick of desiring.

The galope of thousand horses

Has ran over me

And my dreamy chevaliers

Who have never wanted me

Their tulle dresses

Still haunt me in my sleep.

And their smiles.

You are so close I think I possess you.

The night is just an hour away from the day

I can't distinguish.

Do everything

To approach love.

And now I despise

Dead poets.

(I would do it quietly

and that nobody knows.

Death is too noisy.)

*Plath, 'Ariel'

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