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I felt you, just like I ever did, before I saw you. I knew you, despite my fear of your face being obliviated as a result of too many years gone by. However, you did not look at me, not once have you lifted your eyes to meet mine. It is possible that I had no right looking at you, either. Who am I kidding? I never could resist looking at you. No, you did not once look at me. I thought it for the best while turning around the corner and realising that I have lost all of my crowd.
I felt you. In a second you stood an inch away from me, smiled, sent goosebumps down my spine when you touched my arm. That sinister look you always bore melted me. What you said with your eyes, how their colour described the world of longing, hidden passion, sinfull thoughts, that world which I said goodbye to, or at least made myself believe so and which you woke just by being there.
You are in my blood. An echo stormed through my mind, an echo of your voice shouting those words, how long ago? Well, turns out you are in mine, too. Yes, I did oppose, said that things changed, that I don't want to, can't leave with you, but what are words in a game of lust but a foreplay, delay of temptation, a sorry excuse that noone hears. Not really. They didn't even convince me. When our worlds entwine, reality that was so far seizes to exist.
I felt you. You. The one that over and over again took, takes my breath away. The one that always made me feel beautiful. For whom I forgot all else. The one I do not wish to dream of again.

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