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Marissa Mayer, potpredsjenica Googlea

How to Run a Meeting Like Google by Marissa Mayer. Tri stvari su na zidu - prezentacija, bilješke svega izrečenog na sastanku i sat koji odbrojava vrijeme unazad. Set a firm agenda. Agenda force individuals to think about what they want to accomplish in meetings.

9 Notions of Innovation (u Googleu). 4. Employees get a "free" day a week. Half of new launches come from this "20% time". 5. Google launches early and often in small beta tests, before releasing new features widely. 7. Give people a vision, rules about how to get there, and deadlines. 8 . Worry about usage and users, not money. Provide something simple to use and easy to love. The money will follow.

O njoj. Her father is an engineer, her mother an art teacher. Yet her brains (Stanford University degrees in symbolic systems and computer science, patents in Artificial Intelligence pending), position (keeper of the keys to search), grit (Google's first woman engineer), wealth (employee No. 20), youth (born in 1975), and even her looks (Midwest beauty) draw bloggers and headhunters alike. An enormous global talent hunt is under way, with companies shifting from process and quality control to creativity and empathy as the key competitive edge. Mayer gets this. She still personally approves every hire for the products group at the 6,000-plus person company. She's a big reason why Google functions as a single, open social network, where every piece of work is laid bare on the company's intranet...

Interview (Inside Google's New-Product Process). We believe that we should be launching more products than what will ultimately become phenomenally popular. The way you find really successful new innovation is to release five things and hope that one or two of them really take off. Without a lot of promotion, a good product will grow... If you write a 70-page document that says this is the product you're supposed to build, you actually push the creativity out with process.

Još jedan interview. Još jedan. Guardian. An evening with Googles.

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