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jedna ratna...

Kako me često prate moji filmovi iz rata, i još uvijek imam problema sa snom, puno surfam po forumima i naletih na jednu priču, surovu, kakav je bio i rat. Ispričavam se što je takva, ali meni ne ide iz glave pa da je i podijelim sa Vama...

Pismo prijatelju u Americi, pisano na engleskom, nadam se da znate jezik...Ne da mi se prevađat na hrvatski...

I promised that I will write to you about the war, I have many stories sad and happy ones, many of my feelings I could describe, but for this time I chose one story what will show some irrationalities of war.

In spring 1992, I where on battlefield around small town Capljina on the river Neretva .

We (Croats) where on west side of the river and Serbs where situated on the east side of the river, my position was on the small hill Gradina something like 1000 m from river coast, it was early in the morning and it was cease fire because of negotiations between us and them, for the reason something like 280 Serbian soldiers was trapped in YU army base on the our side and they couldn’t cross the river to join their fucking comrades.

We tried to capture that base , (because there was 2 tanks and couple of cannons, many ammunition, hand weapons, and believe me we where short of that).. I forgot to tell you base was on the river coast and they have artillery support from other side (river is only 200 m wide). So with negotiations we ask them to freely leave but without weapons.

Just for the record from my point of view (2.000 m wide) they have 3 dug in tanks, many canons, mortars and 2 multiple rocket launchers (128 mm) behind hill on their side.We have 2 old 76 mm canons, 2 mortars 82 mm and 3 120 mm, and of course hand anti-tank launchers in small number.

Me and my friend crawl down on coast and lie down in I think that is reed (thing what is grow in the river) we found a good spot for observing other side. We was armed with old M-98 7,9 mm rifles (old German mauzer from WWI) but someone put on it optics and it become good sniper-rifle. Optics was also good for observation ( I was armed with AK-47, during the war, but for that time I took "sniper").

Anyway we lie down and I noticed one Serbian guy with uniform on the other side where was abandoned village . He was playing with dog, small white bastard. I like animals very much, , and I’ve seen lots of abandoned and killed animals especially dogs in this war.

He was something like 300-320 m from us, sitting on small wall, throwing the piece of wood and dog was bringing it back , like almost all dogs are doing.

In that moment i told to myself “look there are also normal people between them ( hate was enormous)

I could meet with this guy after the war to drink couple of beers after the war”.

I tell to my friend: look there is guy playing with dog like there is no war around him.

And he also look thru the optics, and we both observe that peaceful picture in the middle of the war.

Suddenly guy take his gun from his belt , dog approach to him with piece of wood in his mouth, waving his tail, he put the piece of wood in front of guy’s legs, the Serb put the gun in dogs mouth and he pulled the trigger.......

In the same moment thought cross my mind “there are no normal ones between them”and in that moment maybe 1 or 2 (maybe more,) seconds after his shot, me and my friend, without any talk between us, pulled our triggers and blow the fucker couple of meters back (with 2 bullets 7,9 mm in body , he was really blown away).

After that shots cease fire was broke and all weapons on the battlefield start to fire. We lie down till night and when night come we crawl back on our place. We survived that , but we where guilty ones for breaking the cease fire, nobody knows who really begin fire and we never confess that to none.

After two day’s, when heavy fighting ended we capture their base, Some of our soldiers died for that what we did, maybe they wanted to surrender?.

Maybe with negotiations, many of our soldiers and theirs will be still alive, but we couldn’t hold ourselves.

For the end just one though, they are all Milosevic’s willing executioners.

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