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who says there must be a sun for a sunlight

a sunlight is a best natural way to get your smile up
your complete body and mind lifts up drawning in sunlight
and just feeling content

this all of course is true
and this all of course is not the only truth

for you really do not need a sun, after a certain point
Well you can always use a sun, and we will alwaysmost surely need a sun
But who says there must be a sun to make your smile

I see no sun today but there's that smile of mine!Feeling, like i could fly trough the day!
Fly of to - her

The fact is, a human mind and body needs more than one sun.
A Person Sun radiates the same energy that Star Sun does

In fact, because the Person Sun is geographicly quite closer to us, or in this matter to me or M.e., therefore this PS has bigger imidiate impact on M.e., then the SS.

This impact may be all kind of variables. But the The Smile effect is one of the highlights.
Of course just as Star Sun, Person Sun also tends to rotate around it self and around M.e., so it gets periodically into PMS stages.
These are the stages when PS in on the dark side of the horizon known as - M (Mordor).

And although this phase has been investigated for centuries, one of more lucid conclusions tells us it is better to let it be, and not to send more units to be lost in the uncharted teritories...

But even in that stage PS is known to send loads of the energy back to M.e. Experiments have shown this energy is pure and not yet entirely controlled, but it is proven that it's not always negative. On the contrary This energy is quite able to produce the same power of The Smile effect.

This proves us, once again, that our sun or M.i.n.e Sun is quite remarkable piece of nature

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