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Snow Queen

She took the mirror of seasons and flew away up in heaven, but in the way she faced the good and the evil who broke the mirror... then the glass scattered and flew away with the winter wind.

Every season, when the winter falls... the wind spreads the glass and the unlucky ones get hurt in their eyes with the tiny pieces of glass. They the ones who looked at the world.. and saw it cold and ugly. So the Snow Queen wanted someone... to collect the missing pieces of glass to have her season back.

- You promised me life!

- I did, but the missing piece... is inside of me. Have you ever been cut by a piece of ice that doesn't melt at all... a piece of glass?

- I am the Snow Queen, ice never melts with me. Why do you want people to hate you? Why are you so evil... so filled with anger?

- People are already against me...

- How could you leave... you said you love me...

- You never said... that you love me.

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